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Rahul Gandhi Seeking US Intervention In India's Internal Affairs 'unwise', Says Gurumurthy

After Rahul Gandhi maligned the nation during his conversation with Harvard professor Nicholas Burns, Thuglak magazine Editor S Gurumurth hits back at Congress


After Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi maligned the nation during his conversation with Harvard University professor and former US Secretary of State Nicholas Burns, Thuglak magazine Editor S Gurumurthy has hit out at the Gandhi scion.

Gurumurthy said, "Unwise act and makes Indian democracy underdog of the US democracy. Independent Indian Election Commission was made more independent by Seshan; this is what the US needs to do to make its Democracy equal to ours. 7 times US Democracy has got into crisis including 1860 civil war over presidential poll disputes."

Earlier today, BJP Spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia also slammed the ex-Congress chief and said that Rahul Gandhi doesn't know the 'C' of 'Constitution' and 'D' of 'Democracy' of India. He said, "I must say that Congress has this unique trait when that when they are in power, they destroy the constitutional institution of the country, but when it is not in power, the party tries to discredit the institution of India."

Rahul Gandhi Maligns India In An International Platform 

In the conversation with Nicholas Burns, Rahul said that there is absolute financial and media dominance by the BJP and that besides Congress, other parties such as BSP, SP, and the NCP are also not winning elections. He also said that the way in which the BJP is behaving, a lot of people are getting discontented very fast and there is a need to bring them together."

He also said, "Post-2014, the institutions that are supposed to support a fair political fight do not so anymore. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the ideological mentor of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), is filling various institutions of the country with its people."

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Rahul Gandhi's comments seeking US intervention 'unwise' says Thuglaq Editor S Gurumurthy

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