Rahul Gandhi's Newest Conspiracy Theory: 'PM Modi Conspired With Top Industrialists Including Amazon For Demonetisation'

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Congress president Rahul Gandhi floated a new conspiracy theory on Thursday, when he switched tracks from attacking the Modi government over the Rafale deal to attacking it over Demonetisation, following the Reserve Bank of India's report that revealed that invalidated Rs 500 and Rs 1000 bank notes amounting to 99.3% of the total value of demonetised currency that was in circulation on November 8, 2016, had made its way back to the central bank.


Assuming an air of vindication, the Congress president sought to spell out the real reason behind demonetisation, which he claimed was the following:

"His (the Prime Minister's) biggest 15-20 crony capitalists had taken bank loans and had non-performing assets. PM Modi took the people's money and gave it to the country's biggest crony capitalists. That was the purpose of demonetisation." 

He went on to elaborate on what these 15-20 crony capitalists did after demonetisation: "During demonetisation, PM Modi's friends turned black money to white. Example is Gujarat Cooperative Bank which has Amit Shah as director where Rs 700 crore was converted. This can't even be called a jumla, it can only be called a scam." 

He then launched a sarcasm-filled attack at the Prime Minister and sought an answer: "PM Modi was right. What nobody could do in 70 years, he did, and destroyed the economy. PM Modi has to answer why he did this. Why did he take money from the people of India and give it to his friends."


The Congress president was then asked about the defamation suits that have been filed against members of the Congress party over their sustained allegation of the Rafale deal being a scam by Anil Ambani's Reliance group companies: "Anil Ambani has filed defamation suits against the Congress party. Let him. But defamation suits don't change the truth."

He then spelt out 'the truth' again, this time, combining demonetisation and the Rafale deal: "The truth is that for 15-20 crony capitalists, PM Modi did Demonetisation and to help his friends, he did Rafale scam."

Rahul Gandhi went on to reiterate the intention behind demonetisation: "You will find out soon enough what the intention was. The intention was clear and let everyone understand. The intention was to help the most corrupt people in the land change their money from black to white."


At this point, the Congress president inducted a new beneficiary into his list of PM Modi's '15-20 crony capitalist friends', Seattle-headquartered E-commerce behemoth, Amazon: "And our small and mid sized businesses should be ended and the big businesses should be helped, that was the intention. Demonetisation wasn't accidental. It was an intentional attack to finish you off and clear the path for the biggest businesses like Amazon."

Having named Amazon, Rahul Gandhi predicted that more evidence would come out regarding demonetisation: "You will see that demonetisation is nothing less than a huge scam and slowly, the evidence is coming out and more will."


Finally, he broke down the equation between the Prime Minister and crony capitalists: PM didn't make a mistake, he did it on purpose. His purpose was that India's biggest crony capitalists who gave PM money for marketing, because of whom everyday we see PM's face on TV, get money.

He summed up this equation thusly: "Crony capitalists market Modiji, he takes money from people and gives to crony capitalists, simple."

Just minutes before Rahul Gandhi's briefing, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had penned a blog post defending the significance of demonetisation. 


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