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BJP's Kadam Questions Sena's Violent 'Ek Hi Maara Par Solid Maara' Op-ed Against Governor

Ram Kadam hit out at Shiv Sena over its editorial against the Governor in Saamana asking why the party was always excited about 'beating people'

BJP leader Ram Kadam hit out at Shiv Sena over its malicious editorial against Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari in Saamana asking why the party was always excited about 'beating' people. This comes in response to Sena's editorial against the Governor wherein the party slammed him over his request over re-opening places of worship, citing Udhav Thackeray's previous response to him with a headline-- “Ek hi maara lekin solid maara".

"Shiv Sena in Saamana has written “Ek hi maara lekin solid maara". Who are the Shiv Sena talking about beating? Its politicians and Government have beaten up the aspirations of many Hindu brothers and sisters who want to enter temples to pray. From where has this government learnt the excitement of beating people?" questioned Ram Kadam. 

"We want to tell them, at one side you talk about Hindutva and on the other hand, you stop our Hindu brothers from praying and these talks about beating people, these kinds of talks are not respectable for a government," said Ram Kadam.

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Saamana hits out at Governor Koshyari 

The Shiv Sena in its editorial in Saamana hit out viciously at Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari asking him whether he was sharing the pain of BJP which had lost all power in Maharashtra saying, "BJP is in pain due to loss of power but why the governor is suffering from labour pain?" 

"The Governor has shown what one should not do being a governor of the state. He must be the RSS preacher or BJP leader earlier, but today he is the governor of Maharashtra. The Maharashtra CM gave him back and any other person on a constitutional post should now take a lesson from this," Sena said in its editorial.

"The Governor is misusing his power, if his intentions were clear then he would have written to Goa CM also for the opening of temples. The Governor wrote a letter to CM about secularism, but Maharashtra CM gave it back in a solid way (ek maara lekin solid maara.)"

This comes in reference to the letter by the Maharashtra Chief Minister wherein he slammed Koshyari's letter demanding the re-opening of places of worship, saying that his 'Hindutva' did not need a 'certificate' from him. Governor Koshyari had also taken a dig at Uddhav Thackeray asking him if he was getting 'divine premonitions' to keep religious sites locked. To this, Thackeray replied, "Do I have any divine premonitions while fighting this crisis? You have such a question, you may have experienced such things but I am not so great."

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