REPUBLIC SCOOP: Congress & NCP Joining Hands In Maharashtra For 2019 Elections Almost A Done Deal

Written By Dinesh Mourya | Mumbai | Published:


  • Congress and NCP are to join hands for 2019 Lok Sabha polls
  • They have decided on seat-sharing for about 40 seats
  • Talks for remaining eight seats are still underway

To defeat Bharatiya Janata Party in the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha election, as per sources, Congress has been trying form a Mahagathbandhan at pan-India level. 

In the current political scenario, Congress has finally realized that they can’t defeat BJP on their own and one of the major reason for BJP’s victory in most part of the country is the division of votes between so-called secular parties, and that’s why Congress has decided to join hands with strong local party in each and every state. 

Maharashtra is one such state which is on the top priority of Congress president Rahul Gandhi as till 2014 it was a bastion of the Congress party but in 2014, Modi wave has wiped out Congress from the state. 

After Uttar Pradesh, which has 80 Lok Sabha seats, Maharashtra is the second largest state with 48 Lok Sabha seats. Congress and Sharad Pawar-led Nationalist Congress Party have been in continuous touch with each other from the last few months. Their leaders have held several sessions of talks over seat sharing issue. 

After detailed talks, both the parties have resolved all the differences. One of the senior leaders of the Congress party, who is also a part of this talks, has confirmed to Republic TV that both the parties have made consensus on about 40 seats, while talks for remaining eight seats are still underway. There were some reports that NCP wanted equal number of seats, that is 24-24 seats, for both Congress and NCP. But Congress was not ready for it. 

Senior Congress leader of Maharashtra Nasim Khan has told Republic TV that, “There is no rift between the Congress and the NCP. We have resolved all the issues. Our sole aim is to defeat BJP and for this, our supreme leader Rahul Gandhi has told us to bring all the like-minded parties together”.  

Apart from NCP, Congress is also in touch with seven to eight other small parties. Talks are going on with Prakash Ambedkar as well. Congress has called a three-day review meeting from November 15 to discuss all the 48 Lok Sabha seats. 

Nasim Khan said, “All the issues have been sorted out, there will be an interchange of some seats with NCP". 

As the Congress and NCP have successfully finalized the seat sharing issue, it has increased the tension of the BJP because Shiv Sena has already announced that they will not contest the upcoming Lok Sabha election with BJP.  So, it is evident that there will be a division of hardcore Hindu votes who have been traditionally voting for saffron parties. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has even publicly said that if we both (BJP & Sena) contest alone then Congress-NCP will get the benefit of it. 

"BJP has destroyed every institution of this country, targeted minorities, peace and harmony of the country has wiped out, to save the constitution and the country from the BJP we are forming a grand alliance and by the end of the November we will perhaps come out with the final number of seats sharing” said Nasim Khan.  


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