RSS-backed MRM's Indresh Kumar Says Muslims Won't Be Misled By 'fear-mongering' On CAA


MRM's Indresh Kumar said that attempt to mislead Muslims through fear-mongering will fail, after coming under attack by anti-CAA protesters in a pro-CAA rally

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Reacting strongly to a violent interruption by anti-CAA protesters in a pro-CAA event by a Muslim body, the convener of the event Indresh Kumar said that attempts to mislead Muslims through fear-mongering will fail. As a Muslim organisation affiliated to RSS, Muslim Rashtriya Manch was holding a public address to explain the provisions of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act at New Delhi on Thursday, the event was interrupted by a mob that rose up to shout anti-CAA slogans.

MRM's chief Indresh Kumar said, "The CAA was brought by the UPA and implemented by NDA. Just for the sake of politics, they are misleading the people. But Muslims will not be misled and all nefarious attempts will fail. Brotherhood and harmony will prevail."

At the event, visuals showed Kumar entering the stage and hugging the panellists. As soon as this happens, around five people stood up with ‘Reject CAA, NRC, NPR’ pamphlets and started chanting slogans. 

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Appeal to cease obstruction of public order

Indresh Kumar also said that those protesting against the law shall get their facts straight by engaging with leaders, media, experts or clerics.

He further said that if people want to protest nonetheless, then they shall not obstruct public order. "Islam teaches support to others and not obstruction. I would request those protesting to not occupy roads and disrupt universities. Creating chaos harms public and is inhumane and Islam doesn't permit that."

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Attack planned by Vadra-Congress agents

Talking about the people who could be behind the disruption of the event, MRM's National Media Incharge Yaser Jilani said, “This was a life-threatening attack on Indresh Kumar. This was a planned attack by the agents of Vadra-Congress, who sell a religion. They are selling a religion in the name of Biryani in Shaheen Bagh. They are trying to run a religion through the women’s shoulder in Shaheen Bagh, the attackers were none other than these people." 

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