Sanjay Nirupam's Five Biggest Attacks At Congress Ahead Of Polls


Congress's former Mumbai unit chief Sanjay Nirupam on Friday addressed a press briefing and launched a scathing attack at the leadership of the party.

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Updated On:
Sanjay Nirupam

Congress's former Mumbai unit chief Sanjay Nirupam on Friday launched a scathing attack at the leadership of the party. Addressing a press briefing, Sanjay Nirupam exposed the Congress party, making some sensational remarks and allegations at the leaders within the party. From claiming that there is an internal conspiracy in the party, to revealing that Congress has ignored the Muslim votebank, here are some of the biggest attacks by Sanjay Nirupam at the Congress party:

Internal conspiracy

Sanjay Nirupam claimed that there is an internal conspiracy within the party to marginalise the leaders and throw them out. He named Ashok Tanwar and himself as examples to prove his point. 

The people who are working with Sonia ji are biased. They don't have any knowledge and they are planning a conspiracy to finish the party one-by-one," Sanjay Nirupam said.

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Systematic fault

The ex-parliamentarian lashed out at Congress interim chief Sonia Gandhi and said that the party's decision-makers working under her are biased. Apart from this, Nirupam also alleged that some other leaders have a similar take on the current scenario within the Congress Party. Nirupam asserted that the current model of the Congress Party is faulty to the core.

"The current situation in Congress is that, whatever the AICC General Secretary decides, it is considered as the final decision. This model is faulty and to be blamed. There is a systematic fault in the Congress Party today which will further affect and ultimately decimate the party," said Sanjay Nirupam. 

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Muslim Votebank admission

Addressing the press briefing, Nirupam admitted that Muslims are a vote bank. Alleging that the Muslim votebank is being ignored by the Congress party, he added that the party leadership is unable to understand and accept the power of Muslim vote bank in the districts of Maharashtra. 

"The Congress leadership in Delhi is unable to fathom the societal intricacy of the Muslim vote banks - somewhere they have nominated three Muslim candidates from the same district, at other places, there are no Muslim candidates. This is creating a question in front of Muslim society as well. They also have aspirations. No one in Delhi is understanding or accepting this fact," Nirupam said. 

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Poll Forecast For Congress

Speaking about the ticket distribution for the upcoming Maharashtra polls, he said that the way the ticket distribution was done in Mumbai is "biased and unfair". He alleged that the way finalisation of the candidates for the polls in Mumbai was done, leaving 3-4 seats apart, the party will lose the security. He added that the candidates were finalised without ground work

"The way the candidate finalisation has been done in Mumbai, leave 3-4 seats apart, we will lose all our security, Without any research or survey and without any ground feedback or grassroot level feedback, names have been decided based on personal likes or dislikes," he added.

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No strategy for elections

With Maharashtra and Haryana Assembly elections just weeks away, Sanjay Nirupam alleged the party had no plan or strategy for the polls. Slamming the decision to change the PCC chief in Haryana, he stated that there no plan and strategy for polls. 

"There is no preparation in the Congress party to fight the elections. According to my knowledge, whatever advertisements are given in the newspapers are all worthless. There is no plan or strategy. I don't know who teaches them (the party) in Delhi, to change the PCC President right before the elections. Till the new President settles down and understands the working pattern, elections pass away. The same was done with me," he said.

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Assembly polls

The elections for the 288-member Legislative Assembly in Maharashtra will be held on October 21, along with 90 assembly seats of Haryana in a single phase. Counting of votes in both states will take place on October 24.

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