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SCOOP: "All In Time!! ...Will Start Working On It", Says Robert Vadra Answering Directly About Imminent Political Dive

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

It seems that Robert Vadra is all fired up and ready to enter politics after the businessman gave out a statement saying that "All in time!! ...Will start working on it" while speaking about his political venture.

"I need to absolve from baseless accusations and all allegations through ED. But yes all in time!! Will start working on it ... but no hurry, have to earn it and people need to feel that I can make a change ... all in time", he said in the statement. 

The comment from Mr Vadra comes within a short span of time after a poster of him appeared in Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad beckoning his entry into politics. 'Robert Vadraji, you are welcome to contest from the Moradabad Lok Sabha seat', read the posters credited to the Moradabad Youth Congress. In the centre was the image of Mr Vadra and towards his left and right were comparatively small images of his Mother-in-law Sonia and Brother-in-law Rahul Gandhi respectively. 

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Of late Robert Vadra has been very active on social platforms, On Sunday he spoke about how he should "dedicate a larger role in serving the people". Using Facebook as a platform, the industrialist also stated that the government was after him and his name is being used to divert from "real issues of the country". However, he was of the opinion that people don't fall for the lies being spread by the government. 

Listing down the services he has performed for the society, Mr Vadra said that sending "help to Kerala, Nepal and other places, were a satisfying and learning experience"

"I sustained n kept strong by learning from the children I helped. From the blind school, to mother Teresa’s missions, to serving at orphanages n when visiting different faiths n places of worship, n feeding hungry ppl outside hospitals, temples. Disaster managements n sending help to Kerala, Nepal and other places too, were a satisfying n learning experience". 

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