Seat-sharing Dispute In Bihar: Prashant Kishor says JDU Will Contest More Seats Than BJP


After the defeat of BJP in Jharkhand, JDU has started mounting pressure on the BJPsaffron party for more seats in the 2020 Bihar assembly elections

Written By Prakash Singh | Mumbai | Updated On:

After the defeat of BJP in Jharkhand, JDU has started mounting pressure on the BJP for more seats in the 2020 Bihar assembly elections. JDU wants to play the big brother role under the leadership of Nitish Kumar in the Bihar Vidhan Sabha elections which has 243 seats. 

During the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, BJP and JDU contested on 17 seats each and 6 seats were contested by the LJP out of the total 40 Lok Sabha seats. But the JDU will not agree on the same formula as it says that it is a bigger party in Bihar and it deserves more seats.

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JDU Vice President Prashant Kishor in an exclusive interview to Republic Media Network said:

"In no way, JDU-BJP will contest equal seats in 2020 Bihar Vidhan sabha elections. JDU will contest more seats than BJP in the election of Bihar under the leadership of Nitish Kumar. I can assure you that. In 2019 Lok sabha elections, JDU sacrificed and contested an equal number of Lok sabha seats as it was Narendra Modi's election. In Bihar, the formula of 2010 will be adopted when JDU had contested 143 seats and BJP had contested 100 seats.

He added, "Now that LJP is also in the fray, the ratio of seat-sharing between BJP and JDU will be 1:1.4 or 1.3 which is more seats than the BJP. In Bihar Nitish Kumar will be the face hence JDU will contest more seats. Whatever seats LJP may contest, I don't know what BJP leaders are saying. Even in 2004 and 2009 Lok Sabha elections, JDU used to contest 25 seats and BJP 15 seats. Even in 2015 Vidhan sabha elections, JDU won 71 seats and BJP 54. That way, JDU is a bigger party and it deserves more seat."

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Prashant Kishor also spoke on PM Narendra Modi and Congress role in opposing CAA and NRC

Kishor said that it is not that there is no opposition in the country. "Modi ji got a landslide victory. But his NRC and CAA were opposed so there is opposition in the country on asked that who is the challenger to Modi, there is opposition in the country."

Prashant Kishor was also critical of congress not playing the role of opposition on critical national issues. He said: "I have been saying that Congress chief ministers should come forward and speak against NRC  and CAA and I am glad it's a little delayed but they responded. NRC and CAA are against the secular fabric of the country," Kishore reiterated.

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BJP leaders have dismissed Prashant Kishor's demand for more seats for the JDU

BJP MLA Nitin Naveen said: "Prashant Kishor is not authorized to speak on seat sharing. It's his personal opinion. Top leaders of BJP will sit and discuss seat-sharing issues. Prashant Kishor is not taken seriously in his party. And we take Nitish Kumar's statement seriously. Of late he has been in news for wrong reasons.  And it will be ensured that NDA forms the government under the leadership of Nitish Kumar."

Ahead of the Bihar assembly elections which is just 9 months away, hard bargaining between the BJP and JDU has already started. Prashant Kishor's statement clearly signifies the fact that he has Nitish Kumar's backing to mount pressure on BJP. JDU has been demanding to play the big brother because Nitish Kumar fully understands the fact that if his party does not contest more than 130 seats than the BJP-LJP together will try to corner him after the Bihar assembly election results. That is the reason why JDU has started reminding BJP of the 2010 assembly election formula when the JDU had contested 141 seats and BJP 102 seats. 

But when Nitish parted ways with BJP  in 2013, JDU was relegated to merely 2 seats in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, but even then BJP conceded an equal number of seats to the JDU. Now that all bigger allies have deserted the BJP and at the same time saffron party has lost power in key states, alliance partner JDU has started mounting pressure for a better bargain in the 2020 Bihar Vidhan sabha elections. After the defeat in Jharkhand where it dumped the 19-year-old alliance partner AJSU, BJP cannot take the risk of dumping Nitish Kumar who has large penetration among the 27%EBC,  and around 9 per cent Koeri-Kurmi and Dhanuk voters of Bihar.

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