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Shame & Shock! ‘These Things Keep Happening’: Hemant Soren On Justice For Ankita Demand

'These things happen,' said Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren on the immolation of a 19-year-old by her stalker in Dumka.

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'These things happen,' claimed Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren in a shallow response on the immolation of a 19-year-old by her stalker in Dumka. The girl, identified as Ankita, was set on fire by a youth construction worker, Shahrukh, after she turned down his proposal. He crept into her balcony while she was asleep, poured petrol over her, and set her ablaze. 

As the Jharkhand government faces heat over the incident, the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) leader addressed the media and in a shocking statement said, "How many such incidents take place, do you have the data? Such incidents happen, and the government keeps a tab on them. Find out if the government officials have met the victims' families in such incidents or not...Do not misguide people." 

The statement comes as Jharkhand sees widespread protests, with slogans being raised and effigies being burnt on streets. Reporting on the ground, Republic spoke to the protesters earlier in the day. A protester said, "The government is all stern when she has passed away, why weren't you this stern when she was still alive?" Another protester said, "With 90 per cent burns, she was kept in a ward of RIMS- I would request the administration to go and see the ward. The ward, a burn ward has no Air Conditioning, nothing...She should have been sent outside for treatment, but the government did not do that." 

Horrific Jharkhand immolation murder 

The incident took place on August 23, when Shahrukh, accompanied by one other, at around 4 am allegedly came to the residence of Ankita and while she was asleep poured petrol on her, and set her ablaze. After the incident, having suffered 90 per cent burns, she was first admitted to the Phulo Jhano Medical College and Hospital in Dumka and was later referred to Ranchi’s Rajendra Institute of Medical Science (RIMS), where she succumbed to her injuries. 

In a video of the victim before her death going viral on social media, the 12th grader can be heard saying, "I have burn injuries all over my body...I just want that like I am dying right now, he is left to die. "

The police have arrested both the accused- Shahrukh and Naeem alias Chhotu. After being presented before the Dumka Court, the accused duo have been sent to police custody. Shahrukh's body language and demeanour whilst in custody has also triggered outrage. A leering Shahrukh has been captured on numerous cameras, with many noting it indicates a complete lack of remorse.

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