SHAMEFUL: Congress' CP Joshi Unleashes Class Slur At PM Modi & Uma Bharti, Says 'Only Brahmins Know Hinduism'

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Congress leader CP Joshi has hit out a classist slur at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP leader Uma Bharti while addressing a gathering on Thursday. In a video accessed by Republic TV, the Congress leader could be heard questioning the caste of PM Modi. He said:

People from (unclear) who are present here, does anyone know the caste of Uma Bharti?  What is the caste of Ritambhara? In this country if there is anyone who knows about religion it is the Pandits. Intellectuals, Pandits & Brahmins. It is very weird that Uma Bharti who belongs to the lodi samaj is talking about Hindu religion. Sadhvi ji also belongs to a different religion and she's talking about Hindu religion too. Narendra Modi belongs to some other religion and talks about Hinduism. This isn't the brahmins' job. Brahmin don't understand this. In the last 50 years Brahmins have lost their mind.

This comes days before the state of Rajasthan is about to go under polls.

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Earlier, Republic TV had accessed a highly controversial video showing the Congress resolving to use the Muslim card, weeks before the critical polls in Madhya Pradesh.

The video involved senior Congress leader and Lok Sabha MP Kamal Nath addressing a behind-closed-doors meeting of Muslim leaders, strategising for the elections to come. In the shocking clip, in which Kamal Nath was both visible and audible, speaking from behind his desk, making a number of admissions. From declaring the tribal vote unimportant to his party, to announcing that he is unconcerned whether those who contest for the Congress have cases pending against them, to the most shocking confession -- That unless 90% of Muslim voters don't support the Congress, the party is finished.

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