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Shiv Sena Defends Congress After PM Modi Slams 'family Run' Parties: 'BJP Is Dictatorial'

Stung by PM Modi's jibe at 'family run' Congress, the Thackeray-led Shiv Sena on Monday, termed BJP as 'dictatorial' and defended its Maharashtra ally Congress

Shiv Sena


Stung by PM Modi's jibe at 'family run' Congress, the Thackeray-led Shiv Sena on Monday, termed BJP as 'dictatorial'. Defending its ally Congress, Sena, via its mouthpiece Saamana, alleged that PM Modi is scared of Congress replacing BJP on a national level. 14 Opposition parties like TMC, NCP, RJD, Shiv Sena, SP, IUML, DMK, CPI, CPI-M, CPI-ML, BSP, AAP, J&K NC Congress boycotted the Constitution Day celebrations in protest against BJP's 'undemocratic' practices.

Sena defends Congress

"PM Modi is scared of a 'weak' Congress and fears that Congress will replace BJP on a national level. Priyanka Gandhi has started being appreciated for her work in UP, so they are scared. Is criticising the Opposition the way to honour Constitution day?," wrote Saamana.

Extolling the Congress, Sena said, "Congress believes in the Constitutional values and democracy, unlike the BJP. After being democratically elected, they are ruling in a dictator style. While BJP is not a 'family party', it is controlled by Modi-Shah, just like the Congress is controlled by Gandhi family". Curiously, Sena skipped the Opposition party meet called by Congress 

PM Modi slams dynastic politics

Addressing MPs at the Constitution Day celebrations in the Parliamentary Central Hall, PM Modi took a jibe at 'family run' Congress. Taking a jibe at dynastic politics, he said that parties lose their democratic character in themselves if run by families for generation. BJP slammed Opposition parties for boycotting the Constitution Day celebrations, claiming that the parties has insulted the father of the Constitution - Dr. BR Ambedkar, contrasting it to late PM Jawaharlal Nehru's birth anniversary.

"Party for the family, by the I need to say more? If a party is run by one family for many generations, then, it isn't good for a healthy democracy. How can the parties which have lost their democratic character protect democracy? ," said PM Modi.

"On the basis of merit, more than one person can go in politics from one family and this will not make the party family-oriented. But one family is in politics generation after generation," added PM Modi. In addition, the Prime Minister paid respect to Mahatma Gandhi and all those who struggled for India's independence and India's leaders who brainstormed to give us the Constitution. On November 26, 1949, the Constituent Assembly formally adopted the Constitution of India which was then enforced on 26th January 1950.

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