SHOCKING: Cong Cadre Forcibly Parade Rajasthan BSP Workers On Donkeys


The Congress cadre was reportedly seen forcing the BSP workers to parade on the back of donkey with blackened faces in Rajasthan; Mayawati has condemned the act

Written By Rishabh Mishra | Mumbai | Updated On:

A tiff erupted between the BSP and Congress party workers in Rajasthan as the Congress party cadre was reportedly seen parading the BSP workers on the back of a donkey with blackened faces. After the incident took place on Tuesday afternoon, Mayawati immediately took to Twitter to condemn the act. In her tweets, she accused the Congress of suppressing the Ambedkarite movement in Rajasthan.

Mayawati’s allegations 

The former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mayawati, not only accused the Congress but said that BSP can give a “titular” answer to the Congress in the State. This message is indicative of the start of a huge inter-party tussle in the State. She in two of her tweets said,  “The Congress party first attempted to destabilise BSP in Rajasthan and is now attacking the senior people there to hurt the movement, which is very condemnable and shameful. Congress is following a very wrong tradition against the Ambedkarite Movement, to which people can give a titular answer. Therefore, the Congress should desist from its heinous acts.” 

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The video of the incident

The video that shows the BSP and Congress leaders’ brawl has been shot in Rajasthan where the Congress party cadre is seen forcing BSP workers to sit on the two donkeys. Additionally, the Congress cadre has also blackened the faces of the two BSP workers. While the BSP members are seen resisting the act, a bunch of Congress workers forcefully pick them up and make them sit on the donkey. After the BSP workers are mounted on the donkey, the animal is also forcefully made to parade for a distance.

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BSP MLAs defect to Congress 

Mayawati in her tweets also accused Congress of destabilising the BSP MLAs which led to the defection of six BSP MLAs into the Congress in September. The BSP MLAs, who deflected to Congress in Rajasthan, were believed to be in touch with Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and have joined the party at his behest. These BSP MLAs, earlier, had been supporting the Congress Government in Rajasthan from outside. The Congress, on its own, has 100 MLAs in the State assembly out of 200 seats in Rajasthan assembly; 12 out of the total 200 are Independent and six were BSP MLAs. 

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