Shocking Video: Aides Of Bihar MLAs Seen Dancing With Girls While On ‘study Tour’, Report Sought


Following the development, the Republic Media network in an exclusive investigation confronted various leaders in Bihar namely - Sachindra Prasad Singh of BJP, Rajkumar Rai of JD(U) and Yaduvansh Kumar Yadav of RJD. Republic Media Network accessed a photograph of the entire group that went to Manipur on a study tour and questioned the MLAs further on the basis of that. 

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Updated On:

In shocking scenes which have now gone viral, a delegation from the Bihar assembly has been captured on-tape dancing with women while on a ‘study tour’ at the Indo-Myanmar border.  After a deep investigation, Republic TV broke the “Bihar study tour scandal” which not only reveals the ugly side of state government-linked officials allegedly using junkets like “study tours” for purposes of personal entertainment, but also raises the questions on the source of funding for these merry-making tours.

While the visuals speak for themselves and allegedly the cronies of sitting a JDU MLA from Bihar, the videos that were first broken by the Manipur Media, are now under an ordered investigation by the Speaker of the Assembly.

The scandalous video not only shows aides of sitting a JDU MLA dancing with girls but Republic TV has also accessed still images of the junket which only raise more questions than answers on the real purpose and propriety of this alleged junket undertaken by sitting legislators of the Bihar assembly.

The delegation was allegedly in Manipur as part of a 'study tour' as Members of the Committee on Internal Resource and Central Assistance, which is chaired by RJD MLA Yaduvansh Kumar Yadav of Pipra assembly. JD(U) MLA Rajkumar Ray was a part of the delegation and it was his aide Vijay along with two others who were allegedly seen in the scandalous visuals.

Following the development, Republic TV confronted numerous members of the 'study tour' delegation to put on-record their version of the events that transpired on these travels. Among those confronted were Sachindra Prasad Singh of BJP, Rajkumar Ray of JD(U) and Yaduvansh Kumar Yadav of RJD, and while none of them directly denied the happenings, each of them seemed to distance themselves.


When Republic TV tried to contact Vijay, the aide of a JDU MLA who was allegedly spotted in the video, he refused to answer direct questions on the story.


BJP MLA Sachindra Prasad Singh, while distancing himself and maintaining that he was there with his family, claimed that the men in the video were aides of JD(U) MLA Rajkumar Ray. When asked if he is in the video, Sachindra Prasad Singh denied the claim. When asked about the photograph of him from Manipur Assembly in which he was alongside the others seen in the obscene video, he said: "I don't know who these people are."

RJD MLA, Yaduvansh Kumar Yadav, who heads the Committee that went for the 'study tour' in Manipur where the topic was 'Act East', said that he can only speak about members of his committee and not their aides. However, what Yadav didn’t mention was the fact that he was seen with the men allegedly present in the obscene dance video. When Republic asked him about his undeniable association, Yadav insisted on seeing the picture first before commenting on it.

JDU MLA Rajkumar Ray, when confronted by Republic TV’s Prakash Singh, admitted that he was “embarrassed” about the videos and apologised for the developments which were going viral which featuring his own aides.


After the story broke on Republic TV from the MLAs to the intent to the Speaker was unanimous-- that those responsible must be acted against and that there must be a thorough probe into the matter.

"Yes, action should be taken against them. Yes, action should be taken and Raj Kumar ji can tell you better about them,” BJP MLA Sachindra Singh said.

Meanwhile, Republic has also accessed the letter of the Bihar Assembly Speaker who wrote., “pehli nazar mein video mein jo log dikh rahe hain, ve vidhayak nahin hain lekin jaanch report ke baad hi kuchh kaha ja sakta hain” (prima facie, it is not MLAs that you see in the video, but certainty can only be put on record after an investigation report).

The report in itself raised more unanswered questions, even as a probe has been ordered:

  • In what capacity did MLA's aides enter Manipur Assembly?
  • In what capacity did aides travel with the MLA delegation?
  • In what capacity did they accompany the delegation at all points?
  • Is it a coincidence that they are spotted with delegation at all public places?
  • If they were with the delegation all along, did the state foot their bills?
  • If the MLA admits these were only his aides, then why did they accompany delegation?
  • Is not an embarrassment that delegation to study act east policy was reduced to this?
  • Has this delegation betrayed the faith of people who sent their MLAs on a study tour?
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