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Siddaramaiah Plays 'Hindi Card' On Voting Day, 'ask Me Questions In Kannada Or English'

Former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah played the 'Hindi card' on the voting day asking media persons to ask questions in Kannada or English, not Hindi.

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Megha Rawat

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As the voting for the single-phase Karnataka assembly elections is underway, former Karnataka Chief Minister and the Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah played the 'Hindi card' on voting day. Speaking to the media before casting his vote, Siddaramaiah refused to answer questions in Hindi and asked reporters to either use English or Kannada. 

"This is Karnataka, the official language is Kannada. Ask me questions in Kannada or English, not in Hindi," said Siddaramaiah adding that people must cast their votes in large numbers, the future of Karnataka is at stake. 

Siddaramaiah hits out at BJP over development issues in Karnataka 

"BJP doesn't have much to talk about except money power. I have been constantly saying that Congress will get 130 plus seats, it may go up to 150 seats also. I request the voters to vote for the party which works. The future of this country is also at stake in this election," said Siddaramaiah.

He further asserted, "What will BJP tell people? What development have they done in the last 4 years? From 7 kilos, rice has gone down to 4 kilos. BJP has had zero achievements in the last 4 years. They want to win elections through money and power. In the rallies, did the Prime Minister talk about corruption? Did he talk about his petitions? Why would people vote for BJP?"

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