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Sidhu Calls Kejriwal's Poll Sops 'lollipops', Questions Financial Implication Of Promises

The Congress leader stated that the only way forward was to bring a solid "policy-based" Punjab model which his party was closely working on.

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In the run-up to the Punjab polls, PPCC Chief Navjot Singh Sidhu took a potshot at AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal, raising questions on the financial implication of his freebies on Punjab's coffers. Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Navjot Sidhu called AAP's promise of free electricity, and monthly income to women 'lollipops' and asked him how he would fulfil the monetary aspect of the poll sops.

"When you don't have money and have made such announcements, how will you deliver? I don't mind anyone praising me for raising questions. You're giving a lollipop of 26 lakh jobs, which means you have to give at least Rs 30,000 to a person, resulting in a deficit of Rs 93,000 crore rupees in Punjab coffers. You have also made tall promises to our women. Free electricity will lead to another Rs 36,00 crores. But the budget of Punjab is only Rs 72,000 cores. How will you manage? These are just lollipops. I praise Arvind Kejriwal for his development in Delhi. I am not talking about him, I am talking about these promises," said Sidhu.

Punjab Model the only way forward: Sidhu

The Congress leader stated that the only way forward was to bring a solid "policy-based" Punjab model which his party was closely working on. Sidhu asserted that people were not gullible and would not fall prey to these populist schemes which were based without any backing of policy framework, defined budget allocations, and implementation metrics.

"History tells (that) populist measures only hurt people in the long run. True leaders will not give lollipops but will focus to build the foundations of society and the economy. Credit games don't last, they put more baggage of debt and depressed economic growth onto society. Punjab needs a policy-based redemption and soon every Punjabi will be wealthy and prosperous as we were in earlier times. Punjab model is the only way forward," he remarked. 

AAP's poll sops

Ahead of the Punjab Assembly Elections 2022, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal made a massive announcement and declared that every adult woman of the state will receive Rs.1000 per month if the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) comes to power. So far, Kejriwal has promised 300 units of free electricity, waiver of outstanding electricity bills, and uninterrupted round-the-clock electricity in the scenario that the Aam Aadmi Party wins the 2022 Punjab election. Apart from these, AAP's poll sops also include free and quality healthcare for all, free medicines, tests, and operations, free health cards for all 16,000 Pind clinics, construction of new world-class hospitals, and free treatment of all road accident victims.

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