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'Congress Out To Support Corruption': Smriti Irani's Salvo Against Gandhis Over ED Summon

Smriti Irani stated that the Congress' agitation was not an attempt to save democracy but an "unprecedented blatant attack on agencies" by a family.

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Union Minister Smriti Irani lashed out at the Congress party's protests over ex-party chief Rahul Gandhi's ED summons alleging that the party was trying to "openly pressurise" an investigating agency. Addressing a press briefing, Irani accused the Congress of "supporting corruption" and detailed the alleged link of the Congress' Vadra-Gandhi family in the National Herald case.

"In the country's capital, Congress is out to support corruption. Those who are out on bail have announced that come surround Delhi because our corruption has been caught. Senior Congress-ruled leaders have been specially invited to put pressure on an investigation agency," said Smriti Irani. 

'Company limited to serve Gandhi family': Irani

The Union Minister underlined that Associated Journals Limited (AJL), formed in 1930 to publish newspapers, was built by 5,000 freedom fighters as shareholders. "The company is formed to serve society but that company becomes limited only to the service of the Gandhi family," she remarked. 

"To do real estate business, this company went under a loan of Rs 90 crore in 2010. Young India Limited was formed and Rahul Gandhi was made the director. 75% was his share in interest with his mother Sonia Gandhi and leaders like Motilal Vohra. Then Young India gets 99% of the shares of this company. AJL gets a loan of Rs 90 crore from Congress and the party waives that loan. Did the doners want Congress to give the company's ownership to the Gandhi family?" she questioned. 

Further, Irani questioned the relationship between the Gandhi scion and Dotex Merchandise Private Limited. "Dotex merchandise private limited is involved in hawala. Mrs Vadra (Priyanka Gandhi) is also involved," she alleged

'Protests an attempt to spread anarchy': Irani

Slamming the pan-India protests by the Congress workers, the BJP Minister stated that the agitation was not an attempt to save democracy but an "unprecedented blatant attack on agencies" by a family.

"Gandhi family's act speaks volumes about its political character. Rahul's truth is established by the High Court's observations. HC itself said that Young India's ownership over AJL is clandestine. The real estate interest is not limited only to son-in-law. Robert Vadra is hardly in a position to give a certificate. Delhi HC has made the statement," she said. 

"This is an attempt to spread anarchy, an attempt to save Rahul Gandhi's Rs 2000 crore property. Coward is the one who calls people to protect him. First, you collect black money, then you try to browbeat the agency?", added Irani.

Rahul Gandhi's interrogation is currently underway at the ED office in New Delhi. 

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