Sonia Gandhi Slammed For 1984 Riots Omission In Rajiv Gandhi Praise


Akali Dal MLA Manjinder Singh Sirsa and Manjit Singh GK lashed out at Congress president Sonia Gandhi for saying the mandate was not misused during 1984.

Written By Koushik Narayanan | Mumbai | Updated On:

Akali Dal MLA Manjinder Singh Sirsa and Manjit Singh GK lashed out at Congress president Sonia Gandhi for saying that her late husband and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi did not misuse the huge mandate in 1984 and suppress dissent and spread fear. Slamming the Modi government, Sonia Gandhi, on Thursday said that mandate was not misused during 1984 while addressing at an event celebrating Rajiv Gandhi's 75th birth anniversary.  Gandhi, who recently took over from her son Rahul Gandhi, was addressing at the capital.

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Akali Dal leaders slam Sonia Gandhi

Akali Dal leaders Manjinder Singh Sirsa and Manjit Singh GK reminded Sonia Gandhi of the fear and the suppression that the people faced in the year 1984 and pointed out that over a thousand people had been killed while Rajiv Gandhi was at the helm. Manjit Singh GK said that the Rajiv Gandhi led Congress government had committed cold-blooded murders using police encounters and alleged that the government targeted the youth of Punjab. 

"What happened in 1984 and the aftermath of the 198 anti-Sikh riots will never be forgotten by the people of this country. Thousands of people were killed by the government under the name of encounters. They were cold-blooded murders. Despite having eleven commissions and many enquiries, it was very tough to register an FIR with the police. Additionally, I allege you were protecting some of the attackers in addition to giving them Z plus security", said Manjit Singh GK. 

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Manjinder Singh Sirsa slammed Sonia Gandhi's statement and said that it was hilarious and ignorant at the same time. He said that the Rajiv Gandhi led government had used forces such as Jagdish Tytler, Kamal Nath and so on to suppress the voices of the people. The Akali Dal MLA also pointed out that the police were used back then for the purposes of the government while under the NDA government, the policemen were guaranteed a respectable job. 

"Congress used Kamal Nath, Jagdish Tytler to spread fear. We were not allowed to even get justice. Thousands of Sikhs were killed. No one could go to any commission or get justice from anywhere. You used to spread fear among the public and suppressed us", he said.  

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What was Operation Blue Star? 

The 1984 Operation Blue Star was the biggest internal security mission ever undertaken by the Indian Army. The Operation was Indira Gandhi's solution to the law and order situation in Punjab prevalent at that time due to the rise of Khalistan movement in India. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, ordered the military operation to remove Sikh militants who were accumulating weapons in the Harmandir Sahib Complex (Golden Temple) under Operation Blue Star which was carried out between June 1 and June 8, 1984, in Amritsar. The casualties as per the official reports were 83 Indian Army jawans and 492 civilians throughout the whole Operation. 

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