"They Dragged My Innocent Mother Into This Cheap Politics" PM Modi's Fierce Retaliation To Congress In Madhya Pradesh

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • He accused Congress of practising divisive, caste-based politics
  • Modi retaliated for bringing his mother into politics

On November 24, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the gathered masses at Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh and pointed out the divisive, caste-based politics practised by the Congress party.

PM Modi expressed his discontent on Congress leader Raj Babbar's statement in which he had said that the "Rupee against dollar is so high that is even crossing your (Modi's) mother's age".

He asserted the confidence of his party, and indicated towards the rattled state of Congress, "We are very much confident. But Congress is confused and they are rattled. They don't even dream of making a government in Madhya Pradesh but they are used to focusing on who will save the deposit after elections. Congress only practised divisive politics and hence they are demolished. Congress is exercising on caste-based politics, people will not forgive Congress this time."

Retaliating to the comments made against his mother, Modi said, "When they have no issue left, then they will critisize mother of someone. They abused mothers like anything. I am upset because they targetting my mother, they are abusing my mother. They dragged my mother into politics. They do not have the guts to fight with me personally, hence they dragged my innocent mother into this cheap politics."

Futher expressing his anger, he said, "How can they drag my mother, its ridiculous. Mothers and sisters of Madhya Pradesh will answer these Congress people. How dare they drag my mother into their cheap politics."

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Babbar's precise remark read- 

"Diesel and petrol prices were exorbitant, today I would like to say Mr. Prime minister - listen to your own voice. Be a little honest at least, you'd said that they were unlucky but you are an inauspicious man that during your reign the diesel and petrol prices have shot up. These are your words. I have never said so because I haven't seen his horoscope. So I can't say if he's inauspicious, bad omen or unlucky. But I am talking about his words. When he used to say that the rupee against dollar is so high that it is nearing the age of the then prime minister. Today I'd say that mr. Prime minister the words used by you were disrespectful. Our culture and traditions don't allow us to say such things but I would like to say that rupee against dollar is so high that is even crossing your mother's age."

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