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TMC's Ashok Tanwar Calls Out Cong's 'everyone Has A Price' Claim; 'This Model Won't Work'

On Republic's Debate at 9 with Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, former Congress leaders Ashok Tanwar came down heavily on the grand old party.


On Republic's Debate at 9 with Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, former Congress leader Ashok Tanwar came down heavily on the grand old party. Pointing out his decades-old time in the Congress party, Ashok Tanwar questioned the claim of the party that 'everyone can be bought, and everyone has a price'.

Ashok Tanwar, outrightly denying the claim, suggested that Congress was instead pondering upon the question as to 'why so many people were leaving the party?'

'This model of Congress won't work': Ashok Tanwar

"The party does not value hard work and effort. Those who work hard are mistreated till the point they leave the party be it, Mamata Banerjee, some 30 years back or Ashok Tanwar today, there are thousands and lakhs of such people. They either leave or with a heavy heart continue to stay," Ashok Tanwar said. 

The former Congress leader added, "Nobody has the greed for Rajya Sabha. The way you are working- the people who are working on the field with their sweat and blood and sometimes by even keeping their children hungry to actually frame the party are mistreated while those people who indulge in scams worth crores are living a life of leisure." 

He added that this type of model will no longer work in the country. The statement of the Minister comes after 12 of the 17 MLAs in Meghalaya ditched Congress and joined Trinamool Congress in a late-night coup, with Mukul Sangma leading the charge.

Taking the case of Meghalaya, Ashok Tanwar, who has now joined TMC, said, "If some people want to join TMC thinking that the country will be more secured, protected under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee, then you are giving them names like horse-trading, why?"

12 Congress MLAs join Trinamool Congress

Sangma, who was the Chief Minister of Meghalaya between 2010 and 2018, blamed Congress' failure to fight the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which was growing stronger. The former CM was also unhappy with the Congress leadership for appointing Vincent Pala as the state's party president without consulting him.

"As you are aware, the divisive forces in the country are growing stronger. We have to take them head-on. There is a void created by the ineffectiveness of the Congress, and our decision today to find an alternative pan-India party is to take on the NDA," Sangma told a press conference.

"I am happy to announce that I along with these MLAs have formally joined the All India Trinamool Congress. We know the merger will bring better prospects for our state and for our country," he said, adding that his decision was taken after exhaustive due diligence and analysis about how to best serve the people.

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