Trinamool MP Mahua Moitra Echoes An Abuse Against Media In Parliament Premises, BJP Says She Represents Situation In West Bengal


Crossing all lines of decency, an MP from Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool party used a crass abuse for the media while being in the premises of the Parliament. 

Written By Apoorva Rao | Mumbai | Updated On:

Crossing all lines of decency, an MP from Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool party used a crass abuse for the media while being in the premises of the Parliament. 

Newly elected MP from West Bengal's Krishnanagar Mahua Moitra who has been accused of plagiarising her debut Parliamentary speech while interacting with the media used a cuss word to attack them. She did so while trying to defend herself from charges of plagiarism.

She was accused of plagiarising from an article written in an American bi-monthly which cites early signs of fascism from a poster from the Holocaust Museum. As per Moitra, she and the article used the text in the poster leading to the similarity between them. But after explaining this point, she attacked the media who questioned her by reading out the tweet by the author of the article she is alleged to have plagiarised from.

"The signs mentioned in the article and the ones in my speech are from the same poster. The poster is in the Holocaust museum and speaks about 14 signs and in India, we have seen seven of those signs, and I have quoted them. The article is on Trump's America which finds that there are 12 from the poster."

As a reporter interrupts her to question her, she says: 

"Here is what Martin Longman (the author of the article) says about press like you, you can read it. He has tweeted about press like you which is owned by a BJP Rajya Sabha MP. I did not use the (article). This is one poster. No no on, please note, 'I’m internet famous in India because a politician is being falsely accused, falsely accused, of plagiarising me. It’s kind of funny, but right-wing a******s seem to be similar in every country.'"

Even in the Lok Sabha, she targeted the section of media which raised the issue of plagiarism. "I have submitted a breach of privilege notice against (mentions name of the news channel and the name of the editor) for falsely reporting on my maiden address..."

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Reacting to the lawmaker's conduct, BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli has slammed the TMC MP for her choice of words for hitting out at the media as well as the Mamata Banerjee's party.

"In the premises of the Parliament, to use such unparliamentary language, even I can't repeat what she said. This makes it clear that TMC members will either use foul language, loot people, or carry out misconduct, do appeasement politics, kill people and hang them on trees, and Mahua Moitra is the symbol of what is happening in West Bengal," he said.

On Moitra's argument that there are signs of fascism in Modi-ruled India, he said:

"First as per the media, she plagiarised from an American article. then, to comment on fascism, one must read about it which happened in nations like Germany and Italy and read under what circumstances it happened, and know for what purpose such English words are used. There is democracy in every cell of BJP. We are completely committed to democracy. It runs in our veins. The senior-most leaders of the BJP went to jail and fought Emergency and stopped it. And if Moitra is speaking about fascism in Parliament premises, isn't it a sign of democracy? There is no censorship on her, there is no censorship on the media questioning her. Perhaps Moitra does not remember Emergency. What kind of language was used against Modi? Even his family was dragged (into mudslinging). But there is no stopping from that." 

He also spoke about Moitra's argument that there are signs of fascism under Modi government.

"One can't become a big leader by copying an article. To accuse the media when it questions you and jail those who say Jai Shree Ram in West Bengal, that is fascism. to hang someone from a tree if they join a different party, that is fascism. To stand by or look away from Bangladeshi insurgents, even terror outfits, that is worrying... When a party in West Bengal is doing this and their MP is speaking about fascism, she must look at her own house."

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