Trucks Carrying Wedding Gifts Returned By Rabri Devi Reach Police Station


48 hrs after Aishwarya's parents refused to accept wedding gifts returned by Rabri Devi, the two trucks with wedding gifts have been parked in the police statio

Written By Prakash Singh | Mumbai | Updated On:

48 hours after parents of Aishwarya, daughter-in law of Lalu Prasad Yadav refused to accept the wedding gifts returned by Rabri Devi, the two trucks loaded with wedding gifts have been parked in the Shastri Nagar police station in Patna at around 10 pm on Saturday. The two truck drivers alleged that around a dozen of Chandrika Rai's supporters threatened them continuously not to park the vehicle outside the residence.

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Drivers' ordeal between the family tussle

Sanjay Yadav, driver of one of the trucks said, "Supporters of Chandrika Rai used abusive language. They threatened to beat us if we do not take the vehicles. Even the four security guards responsible for the security of the trucks were abused."

Ravi Ranjan Yadav, driver of the other truck said, "We have got nothing to do with the family dispute. We are being unnecessarily harassed. We have informed the police that we have been threatened for parking the vehicle outside Chandrika Rai's residence."

After 48 hours, the police also failed to solve the dispute and brought the trucks full of wedding gifts to the Shashtri Nagar police station. Aishwarya's father Chandrika Rai has maintained that no inventory list was sent nor any communication was given to him about the articles being sent to his house hence he cannot accept the goods without any communication.

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Assistant Sub-Inspector Vijay Prasad has said, "Our job is to resolve the dispute, but the drivers and the guards have complained that Chandrika Rai's supporters have used abusive language, so now we will see what needs to be done". Chandrika Rai's family members have said that no one has misbehaved with the drivers.

RJD leader Abha Lata, in whose presence the trucks were brought to the police station, has said, "At first, Aishwarya's parents demanded that the wedding gifts be returned in the presence of protection officer, now that the gifts have been returned, they are not accepting it. I don't understand whats the compulsion of the police. Now we have come to the Shashtri Nagar police station with the trucks and the wedding gifts will be dumped here."

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Even as Aishwarya - Tej Pratap are fighting a divorce battle in the Patna Family Court, the two families are not sparing a moment to wash dirty linen in public view.

On December 14, Aishwarya was allegedly thrown out of her matrimonial home by Rabri Devi. Thereafter Aishwarya filed a case of Dowry harassment against Rabri Devi, Tej Pratap and Misa Bharti. Earlier in June, Aishwarya had filed a case of domestic violence against the three. The whole dispute started after Tej Pratap filed a divorce petition in Nov 2018 in Patna Family Court.

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