Veteran Congress Leader Karan Singh Demands CWC Under Dr Manmohan Singh To Choose Interim Chief, Says 'Party Wasted A Month Pleading Rahul Gandhi'

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  • Veteran Congress leader Karan Sigh said the party would disintegrate if no action is taken soon
  • He added that the party has already wasted a month pleading with Rahul Gandhi not to resign from the president's post

Veteran Congress leader Karan Singh on Monday said the party would disintegrate if no action is taken soon after it has already wasted a month pleading with Rahul Gandhi not to resign from the president's post.

"The Congress party seems to be in disarray after Rahul Gandhi's resignation. Instead of moving forward, we wasted over month pleading him not to resign. He is an intelligent man. If he wants to resign, let him do so," he said while speaking to ANI in New Delhi. He said that a lot of people genuinely want Rahul to carry forward the party but one must honour his desire. 

Responding to many people's claim the Congress will disintegrate if Rahul steps down from the post of president, he said: "That is a self-fulfilling prophecy. I say the reverse. If you do not do something soon, then the party will disintegrate."

The Congress leader also spoke about the letter he sent to the Congress Working Committee (CWC) on Monday. He said he has asked for a CWC meeting under the chairmanship of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, urging him to appoint an interim president and four working presidents and vice presidents for the four zones -- south, north, west, and east. 

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He said that he has not suggested any names for the posts. "I have not suggested any names. I did not want to mention any names as it will be a decision of the party as a whole," he said.

Singh further stressed that there would be no opposition if the Congress party gets disintegrated. 

"It is a fact that we are in a difficult situation. It is important the Congress should revive not only for the party itself, which has a very old and distinguished background but also for democracy. In a democracy, you need strong opposition."

"If the Congress party disintegrates, which party is going to provide strong opposition? If something like this happens, then there will be only regional parties. So, it is important for the Congress to get its act together and move forward," he said.

Replying to a question if the Congress party would move ahead without Gandhi scion, he firmly said: "Why not, I see no reason. We need to bring younger people to the party. It should be a judicious mix."

In a letter to CWC, he has urged the body to meet without delay under the chairmanship of former PM Dr Manmohan Singh to take a necessary decision on an interim Congress president.

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