VIRAL: Congress Leader's Furious Rant At Digvijaya Singh After Being Denied Congress Ticket For Madhya Pradesh Election

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  • Republic TV has accessed a four minutes video which clearly indicates that all is not well within the Congress party.
  • In the video, Congress leader¬†Mahendra Verma could be heard ranting to Digvijaya¬†Singh that he was not given the ticket to fight Madhya Pradesh Elections

Republic TV has accessed a four minutes video which clearly indicates that all is not well within the Congress party. In the video, Congress leader Mahendra Verma could be heard ranting at Digvijaya Singh as he was not given the ticket to fight Madhya Pradesh Elections despite all the efforts that he undertook. Digvijaya Singh, with his arm around Mahendra's shoulders, could be seen pointing aggressively at a phone's camera.

Here's the full conversation between Digvijaya Singh and Mahendra Verma:

Mahendra Verma: You messed the matter but didn't give me the tickets. Now you have piled up the tickets. You are distributing the tickets to everyone like biscuits and bullets but you didn't come to this poor's place because I am from Kayastha community. You see, entire Bhopal is filled up with Kayastha community. Kayasth community is in vidisha too. Your Narsingarh, Rajgarh, Shivpuri everywhere Kayasth community is there, but you couldn't do justice sir (Digvijaya Singh keeps his arm around Mahendra's shoulders)

Digvijaya Singh: Look there and speak (points at phone's camera)

Mahendra Verma: No, no, no... I speaking the truth sir.

Digvijaya Singh: Keep your face there and speak (points aggressively at phone's camera)

Mahendra Verma: And let me tell you one more thing

Digvijaya Singh: Oh! Keep your face there and then speak 

Mahendra Verma: By swearing on my mother, I want to say that I've never been to anyone's court this time or any other time, apart from Digvijay Singh's court for asking for tickets.
Never ever. Never went
toPachori bhai, Maharaj, not even to a single person. I just went to you once for giving application (unclear) . You called me up to Delhi you said Mantu start prepping up for Vidisha. I did the preparation then you gave a ticket to Sakaal. I prepared but you gave the ticket to Narayan Singh.  I rolled on the chariot journey on your name, Digvijaya Rath Yatra. I traveled 101 villages. I planted trees in 101 villages. And our leader Rajkumar Patel, whenever felt like was quarreled with CM , quarreled with Sushma Swaraj. His team was apocalypsed. We are in a situation to take poison, sir.

Someone from the crowd: Very good 

Mahendra Verma: Sir, I swear on you, my kids are here, my children ask me.

Digvijaya Singh: Call them, where are they?

Mahendra Verma: Here, here, ask them

Digvijaya singh: Call them, call them

Mahendra verma: My family members can't sleep. This is wrong sir

(Mahendra Verma's child comes forward)

Digvijaya Singh: Come here, come here

Mahendra Verma: In your respect I have done (stammers) I won't speak about anyone's ticket. But two Brahamans are fighting there sir, in vidisha. With them and you. And then you came up with third Brahman. Prashan bhargava sometimes calls himself Bhrahman, sometimes he claims himself Baniya. 2 tickets were given to Govardhan ji and Upadhyay ji. Then he said all is well, then again you gave them 2 tickets. Who is he? Ask him. This is wrong sir.

(Digvijay Singh nods in yes)

Mahendra verma: This is wrong sir, I swear on you (bows down, touches singh's feet)
I am so perplexed, going through difficult situation sir. 

(Digvijaya singh tousles his hair, pats him on his back)

Mahendra verma: and sir I'm a journalist, I am an educated man , I'm writer, I'm advocate. And I dare anyone can speak better than me in madhya pradesh. I challange. You say sethi ji (asks in crowd). After all this you're not looking at us. Not looking at our leaders. Our life 
Got worse sir. Can't raise our children. (digvijay singh fondles hair of mahedra's son)

Mahendra Verma: I am speaking the truth sir, I have two-three kids, now I am of no use, neither of work nor of politics. Where should we go sir? You tell me, if you don't think about us. You do the justice sir, give the right tickrets, we don't have a problem. But the thing is, right tickets are no given. He says I've bribed Ashok Gehlot

Digvijaya: Who says?

Mahendra verma: Shashank

Digvijaya: No, no

Mahendra Verma: He says I've given money to babariya ji

Digvijaya: No, no

Mahendra Verma: (unclear) In my pocket. Campaigns were organised beforehand, offices were opened.No, don't do injustice sir. Like today you said, you should have said it earliar, bantu I'm giving ticket to (unclear) you have to do work. (unclear) but now don't become the witness on us sir. (folds hands). I don't want to disregard your orders. I can't join other party.

Someone from the crowd: Very good
(Digvijaya Singh keeps tousling his hair) 

Mahendra Verma: (unclear) This is our polite request to you. Now after this. Raja miyan I'm saying anything wrong? 

Digvijaya: Come here Raja Miyan

Mahendra Verma: you have given tickets to what sort of people in vidisha. (unclear) when my time came to become congress president, they said my age is less. 3 times madhya pradesh's youth congress (unclear)

Someone from the crowd: A wrong decision has been taken in sir ji

(noise of crowd) 

Digvijaya Singh: Listen to one thing 

Digvijaya Singh: Why are you speaking when he is still speaking? Come here, what's your name come here.

He: Azhar

Digvijaya Singh: Come here, what's your age?

He: 28 years

Digvijaya Singh: Listen to me, no listen to me.

(noise from the crowd)

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Meanwhile, the state of Madhya Pradesh will go under polls in a single phase on November 28, and the results will be declared on December 11.