VIRAL: PM Modi's Blazing Response To Those Who Allege He's Only Renaming Things

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi hit back at his political critics on Saturday while speaking at the BJP's National Council meeting at New Delhi's Ramlila Maidan, answering all those opponents who have over the years accused him of only renaming existing schemes. 

"The leaders of opposition accuse us that we have only changed the names, the schemes are the same old", he started, continuing, "I don't know what are they trying to say. Some people are only upset with us that we have not changed the names..."

He went on, "The big hospitals, airports and the schemes are running on the same names", seemingly referring to all those projects and schemes that have over the years been named after Congress leaders, and especially from the Nehru-Gandhi family. Along these lines, he asked, "I'd also like to know from the people how many of the schemes are running under my name. You tell me, is 'Narendra Modi' prefixed to Ayushmaan ayojan? Does Bharatmala Sagarmala have the name 'Narendra Modi' attached to it? Is the Jandhan yojana or Ujjwala yojana known with the name of 'Narendra Modi'?"

He concluded his argument by saying, "We have been taught since the beginning that country is bigger than self." 

Immediately after that, he also hit back at the Congress party over Rahul Gandhi's continued allegations over the Rafale deal, raising Agusta middleman Christian Michel recently being alleged to have been involved in lobbying for the Eurofighter in the Rafale deal. He contended that the Congress president had been answered effectively on the floor of the house, and as a result, had resorted to using foul language and propagating conspiracy theories. He accused the Congress president of not understanding the answer because he simply didn't want to, saying:

"If someone doesn't want to understand, they won't. It's an old saying, 'A sleeping person can be woken up, but a person who is pretending to be asleep can't be woken up'", PM Modi concluded. 

Watch what PM Modi said in the video above.

WATCH: PM Modi To Rahul Gandhi On Rafale: "It's An Old Saying - You Can Wake A Sleeping Person But Not A Person Who Is Pretending To Be Asleep". Watch Here


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