WATCH: After 'private Citizen' Robert Vadra Gets Political During Spiritual Journey, BJP Cites Lateral Entry To Congress High-command

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • Robert Vadra has made politically-themed statements on a spiritual journey to Tirupati
  • The statements have led to speculation that the 'private citizen' could be set for a political bow, something the BJP has spoken about
  • The BJP has hit out at the Congress over dynastic politics

Congress president Rahul Gandhi's brother-in-law Robert Vadra has made a set of curious political statements over the last few days following his visit to the Tirumala Temple in Tirupati, thereby fuelling speculation over the 'private citizen' formally entering the political arena.

Speaking at Tirupati and sporting a religion-themed appearance, Vadra had opined that 'a change is required, adding, 'I feel the change will come'. He said that his family was working very hard towards this, and that 'Rahul is working very hard.' He offered that he and his wife Priyanka Gandhi-Vadra were always there to support Rahul Gandhi.

Vadra went on to reiterate, 'very soon you guys will see a big change coming about and I think people want to see the change', before diving into specific political discourse by saying, 'I can see that they (the people) have suffered a lot and we all need to be secular, the most important thing in our country, and I think a change is going to come about.'

Following that, Robert Vadra also posted about his Tirupati copiously on Facebook, sharing photos, videos and the following account of his spiritual journey:

"Blessed to visit Tirupati and Tirumala Venketaswara Temple on my spiritual Journey.
One can only understand the devotion of people visiting Tirupati, when you make the effort to visit as many historical temples and follow their rituals.
My visit to Tirupati was initiated with prayers at Shri Padmavati Ammavaru Temple (Lakshmi ji). 
Post this, we ascended to Tirumala, but waited till 2 am for the Darshan called "Suprabhatam".
One could clearly feel the exchange of energy n the vibrancy of all priests in preparation of Darshans; and, devoted disciples-both women n men- rolling on the floor while praying. 
The enchanting recitals of priests mesmerised me & two hours flew in no time. 
Even after the Darshan at 5 am, ppl just stayed in the premises as it was extremely calming. 
I’m glad, I was part of this great experience & I wanted it to be shared with all.
My best wishes to everyone
Jai Govinda 🙏"


In response to newspoints emerging from Robert Vadra's Tirupati visit, BJP spokesperson Dr Sambit Patra said, 

"Robert Vadra is sensing restlessness and claiming that anyone can throw the government out of power... hinting upon his lateral entry in Congress party and becoming the seat of power. But he must realise that this country doesn't belong to a dynasty. Dynasty politics can't further the agenda of governance."


Over the years, the Congress has repeatedly used the 'private citizen' defence regarding Vadra, delinking the party from any controversies arising from his business dealings. Vadra has, however, participated in a number of the Congress' political campaigns, often accompanying Rahul Gandhi. Speaking to Republic TV, senior Congress leader and former Uttarakhand CM Harish Rawat also resorted to the same defence:

"Indian citizens, everyone has a right to appreciate a certain gesture. Mr Robert Vadra also has that right. He's appreciating the pains being taken right from Sonia and Rahul ji. I don't think there is any need to raise any question over it."

Regarding an entry into politics for Robert Vadra, however, Rawat teased, saying let us save something for surprises.


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