WATCH | Amidst Karnataka Crisis, Yeddyurappa Demands CM Kumaraswamy's Resignation, Says 'Congress-JD(S) Lost The Majority

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  • The BJP is in a huddle in Karnataka amid the political crisis faced by the Congress-JD(S) government as they are holding a party legislative meeting
  • BJP leader Yeddyurappa demanded that CM HD Kumaraswamy resign immediately as he has lost majority numbers in the government
  • The statement comes after 14 MLAs from Congress, JD(S) and an Independent MLA resigned protesting against the functioning of coalition government

The BJP is in a huddle in Karnataka amid the political crisis faced by the Congress-JD(S) government. Fourteen MLAs have resigned with at least ten of them camping in Mumbai. Ahead of its party's state legislative meeting, BJP leader from the state Yeddyurappa on Monday demanded that CM HD Kumaraswamy resign immediately as the government did not have the majority anymore. He also said that the BJP workers will protest across the state against the coalition government. 

"Now, we are going to have the BJP legislative party meeting and we are going to take appropriate decision there. Tomorrow, all our workers from district headquarters will protest, because Congress-JD(S) lost the majority and so the chief minister should resign immediately. That is our intention and the people's aspiration also. When they lost the confidence, they have no moral right to conduct the business and assembly," he said.

Latest on rebelling MLAs

The statement and the meeting come amid mass resignations of Congress and JD(S) ministers who gave up their posts so the rebel MLAs could be accommodated. However, as per sources, the rebel MLAs have refused to take back their resignations and said that nothing could make their return to the party, even the offer of ministerial berths. Sources said that they are even willing to support the new government.

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BJP denies involvement

On Sunday, after being confronted whether BJP it was owing to its involvement in the crisis faced by the government, Yeddyurappa flatly denied the accusation. He said that BJP had no role in the crisis faced by the government. He had earlier also said that the BJP would not prefer to hold an election in the state as it would be a burden on the state exchequer.

Kumaraswamy says 'issue will be resolved'

Meanwhile, CM HD Kumaraswamy, after all ministers belonging to JD(S) and Congress quit the cabinet to pave way for rebel MLAs to take the posts, expressed confidence and said that "The issue will be resolved, don't worry. This govt will run smoothly."

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