WATCH: BJP Chief Amit Shah's Raja-Maharaja Analogy On Dynastic Politics

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:

Going back in history, Amit Shah narrated the concept of monarchy in India. Shah spoke about an extension of that system in post-independence India, in the political spectrum, taking a jibe at the persistent dynastic politics in India. 

"BJP has taken steps to revive the democracy of the country, for people to be hopeful again," Shah said.

Time-traveling in the past and emphasizing on the continued 'political nepotism', Amit Shah said, "First there were the Rajas and Maharajas, then there were British, then they both left and we became independent. In Maharajas time, the prince would rule, hence there wasn't a democracy." 

"After Independence, they made political parties such that even they had Maharajas and princes. I can give an example of 25 such parties. Killing the soul of democracy, bringing back the Maharaja situation. It wasn't important how the son of the king was, just because he was the son, he was the successor. And the situation is the same today. For some it means that if someone comes from a particular family, they will become party president and PM candidate," he  further added.

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He further went on to say that BJP has endured to bring the country out of this situation and claimed to have attained success in the situation. 

Social and religious issues.

During the discussion, Sabarimala was addressed where the party president was of the opinion that this issue is not about "gender indiscrimination" but about "belief".

He said, "Sabarimala is not about gender indiscrimination, it's about a belief. There are many such issues where judicial reviews are not possible, it should be left to the people." 

He even addressed the sensitive Triple Talak issue, where he said, "t's time that India's Muslim women get justice, we have got the ordinance on Triple Talaq. Now it's on the Opposition whether they support it or not in the Parliament. 

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Addressing the controversial Ram Mandir issue, Shah persisted that the entire nation wants the temple to be built. 

He said, "Not only BJP but all of India wants a grand temple to be built in Ayodhya. We are ready to wait till January for the Supreme Court hearings on Ayodhya. If day-to-day hearings happen, the matter can be resolved in 10 days."