WATCH: Chidambaram Has Confirmed That Congress Is Behind Support For Tukde Tukde Gang, Says Smriti Irani, Hitting Back

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:

Calling out the Congress party's support and alleging their involvement in directing the 'Tukde Tukde gang', citing P. Chidambaram's tweet, Union Minister Smriti Irani spoke exclusively to Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami.

Smriti Irani questioned if the former Finance Minister is 'indicating that this incident was directed or supported by Congress' 

She said, "The Congress has the audacity to stand with those people who proclaim on the streets of national capital 'Bharat tere tukde ho' and Mr. Chidambaram through his tweet has actually ascertained and proved to the country that yes, the Congress will stand by the Tukde Tukde gang. What I take umbrage to is Mr. Chidambaram says these are opposition voices, ask any political party in this country which might not meet eye-to-eye with BJP will proclaim that 'Bharat tere tukde honge'? Is Mr. Chidambaram through his tweet indicating that this entire incidence took place either at the direction of the Congress party or with the support of the Congress party." 

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In a verbal attack, Irani also said that all the scams have taken place under the UPA leadership when he was in the Finance Minister.  

She said, "Former Finance Minister, who every elegantly tries to give me an indication as to what is jail and bail, which is for me laughable (hasya tamak). Irony this is the man who seeking refuge from jail, and is determined to evade the law after all the scams that took place right under his nose, with his support is giving be gyaan as to the difference between jail and bail."

She alleged that Congress supports the 'tukde tukde gang' and that is affirmed by Chidambaram's tweet. 

She said, "But what is more important for me is that Mr. Chidambaram through his tweet has confirmed that Congress is behind this. Why would the Congress party actually support this sentiment, this is beyond me. I have never heard any other political organisation say 'Bharat tere tukde honge' except the Congress."  

The argument came in the wake of the charge sheet filed against Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and 8 others by the Delhi Police in 2016 JNU Sedition case, for chanting the slogan 'Bharat tere tukde honge', following which Chidambaram accused Irani of filing a false case, denying bail and silencing the opposing voices. 

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