WATCH: Dr Subramanian Swamy Points Out The 'real Issue' In J&K Governor Dissolving The Assembly

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

BJP MP Dr Subramanian Swamy has weighed in on the sensational events of Wednesday as the Jammu and Kashmir assembly was dissolved by Governor Satya Pal Malik, even as competing claims were made to form a government in the state -- by a newly-minted PDP-NC-Congress alliance and by Handwara MLA Sajad Lone backed by the BJP.

Asked for his remarks, Dr Swamy said:

"Well, I don't know whether it is already first and then they sent him the notice, a formal notice of wanting to form (a government), those are technical matters. The issue is they were two competing claims. Mehbooba has discredited herself by making it difficult for a very simple coalition of two parties -- Mehbooba's party and BJP. And even that she could not run. She was complicit with those organizations which have sympathy for the terrorists

So, if there was a government in which she is a prime mover, we cannot have that, number one. 

Number two, what is their commitment to democracy and elections? When there was local body elections, it has nothing to do with that. People getting their amenities and things like that. They boycotted the local bodies elections and the only reason they boycotted the elections is that they got some kind of instruction and direction from Pakistan because Pakistan does not want any elections to take place in Kashmir.

Now, furthermore, Congress is taking an even more unusual stand. They say that if some months ago, they had asked us we would have said 'yes, we have nothing against dissolution', but they did it when they failed to form a government. Thats an even worse argument. We have to take it at a national security point of view. There is a khicdhi which would have never been stable. Let them go if they want to go to the court because there are judgments which need to be laid, there are norms, we always follow norms and this is overdue. I feel that the dissolution of the assembly should have taken place a long time ago."



Watch what Dr Swamy said in the video above.