WATCH: From ‘beef Biryani’ To ‘Janeudhari Rahul’, AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi Is Unsparing Ahead Of The Telangana Polls.


In an exclusive interview with Republic TV, All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) chief Asaduddin Owaisi spoke about the prevailing political scenario, critical of both—BJP, Congress and their leaders, days before the state of Telangana go to polls. 

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In an exclusive interview with Republic TV, All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) chief Asaduddin Owaisi spoke about the prevailing political scenario, critical of both—BJP, Congress and their leaders, days before the state of Telangana go to polls. 

Amid the spurring controversies ahead of polls, Owaisi elaborated on his derisive ‘Ghulam (slave) of Congress’ attack on Congress leader and former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Ghulam Nabi Azad. 

He said, “Mr. Azad, the kind of press conference he held, he stooped down to the lowest level of politics. A politician of 45 years of standing, who happens to be the (former) Chief Minister and was held Cabinet post could stoop to such level. He spoke un-Parliamentary words against my party and party members. Can you imagine, Mr. Azad could do nothing in Kashmir. Coming from Jammu and Kashmir, he has no political relevance there.”  

He further accused Azad of his ‘arrogant attitude’ and for demeaning the people of Hyderabad. “These are only show-boys for Congress party. He says that we bought up MIM. You are demeaning the people of Hyderabad who stood with the party, people who sacrificed so much for the party and you say you protect us. We are here on our own strength, people’s support and on our party elder’s sacrifices. This kind of demeaning, patronising arrogant attitude of Mr. Azad so we had to reply,” he said.  

Speaking of the accusation of AIMIM warming up to TRS he said, “Why is no one asking Rahul Gandhi of the Congress party that are you going to get 120 Lok Sabha seats or not? You get 120, the game is over. Why Asad Owaisi, why KCR. You get 150 and make your government. This whole argument of everyone who opposes the BJP must be with Rahul Gandhi, I don’t accept it. I am of the opinion that there are more capable, politically talented leaders of India who can lead this nation. Who have more talent and vision, who understand the diversity of the India better than Modi or Rahul Gandhi.”

“This allegation against me, I’m thankful for the Congress party for calling me ‘B Team’ because from 199-2002 I was in F-team of Congress party. Since we stopped supporting Manmohan Singh in 2012, it is a good progress, maybe in a few years we’ll be the A-team,” he added. 

He further lashed out at the Congress party president, saying, “In democracy opposing is important. I want my party to expand. This question of Rahul Gandhi that why you are fighting the elections, I ask him to please read the Constitution, the more people fight the election, democracy strengthens. You are of a very feudal nature that no one should oppose you. I will fight elections, I will lose elections and I will win elections. He questioned, why are you contesting in Maharashtra, why are you contesting in Bihar? What should we do. This is what our work is as a political party.” 

Questioned on the probability of a TRS and BJP alliance, Owaisi said that, “These are all ifs and buts. The Assembly Elections is to form a government in Telangana. KT Rama Rao and the Chief Minister have said and KCR themselves have said that BJP has this disease of creating differences between both the communities. KT Rama Rao himself has said there is no question of going with BJP. They want to take forward their idea of formation of like-minded regional parties. That is not the case now so let us first get the Assembly elections done. I’m sure that the TRS party which represents the aspirations of newly formed Telangana will never commit such a blunder.” 

After lashing out at both, Congress and BJP, Owaisi was questioned about an alternative to which he responded asserting that Congress will not get a single seat in Andhra Pradesh and both BJP and Congress are incompetent to fulfill expectations of people.

He said, “I am telling you, my friend Jagan Mohan Reddy is sweeping Andhra Pradesh, what happens if tomorrow Jagan gets 25 out of 25 Lok Sabha seats, what will the Congress party do? It all boils down to what happens after Lok Sabha elections.”

“Congress will not get a single seat in Andhra (Pradesh). The fight is between TDP and Jagan (Mohan Reddy). And Jagan is way ahead and if he plays his cards very well and has his candidates in place definitely he can win 25 seats. Same Rahul Gandhi and Congress party called Kumaraswamy and JD B-team of RSS. These are all things people are observing in India. We have to wait and see the verdict of people. People are tired they gave Congress Party 209 seats, BJP 280 seats and I don’t think that in my life time I will ever be seeing a political party getting 280 seats,” he added. 

“My argument is people of India after a Parliament elections deserve a government that is non-Congress or non-BJP because both these parties have failed to fulfil the expectations of people.”

Expounding on the ‘beef biryani’ remark by Owaisi to Shah he said, “Unfortunately, the electronic media did not carry the excerpts of Mr. Shah where he deliberately kept on harping, not once but thrice that TRS, KCR Chief Minister is feeding biryani to MIM. Now, why does he have to choose such a language, wherein you target my eating habits. We know that you do not like because of your ideology, but you keep on harping on biryani. What is there in biryani?” 

“There are many people who eat biryani, in fact, the biryani of Hyderabad is well-known in the world. So, in an election public meeting, we have to give a response to Amit Shah because if you keep on harping on it, so that is what it is,” he added.

The assembly elections in Telangana are scheduled to take place on December 7, while the counting will take place on December 11.

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