WATCH: "Go Vote For Modi", Says Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy Lashing Out At The Protesters In Raichur During His '5-star Village Stay'


Exhibiting a shameful behaviour, Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy on Wednesday shouted at protestors in Raichur during his village stay. He said that people vote for Narendra Modi but ask me for jobs.

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Exhibiting a shameful behaviour, Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy on Wednesday shouted at protestors in Raichur during his village stay and mocks them of voting Narendra Modi.

In Raichur, the Karnataka CM and JD(S) chief whose bus was brought to halt by protestors said:  "Vote for Narendra Modi , go go vote for him."

In the visuals HDK can be seen shouting on the protestors while being seated on a bus. A protestor was heard saying 'why don't you pour petrol on us and kill us instead. 
HDK said, "Go and vote for Narendra Modi. Go vote for Modi. Learn to show some respect. He then indicates the driver to move ahead. The protestor then expresses their faith in HDK and says that he has betrayed them. The Karnataka CM again shouts on the protestors in a shameless display of his arrogance.

The protestors were demanding from Kumaraswamy to solve their problems, but the JD(S) chief loses his calm and shouts on them instead of healping. 

 As the controversy on the exclusive renovation done in the bathroom of the house Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy where he stayed during his 'village' stay in Yadgir, which is a drought-ridden district in the state, Kumaraswamy had said:

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"What five-star arrangements? I am ready to sleep on the road. I want to ask the opposition,  if I can't have even this basic facility, how will I work every day? What are these five stars? A small bathroom has been built. It will help the kids here permanently. I can't take it back. Today how did I come? I came to an ordinary bus. I didn't come to the Volvo bus. There is no necessity for me to learn from BJP. I have slept in a hut and I have also slept in a five-star hotel. When my father was PM, I also slept in Kremlin in Russia. I have seen everything in life."

Visuals showed that ahead of Kumaraswamy's village stay to 'bridge the gap' between the elite and the poor, Gurmitkal taluk in drought-ridden Yadgir district, new sanitary fittings were being fixed in the newly renovated bathroom in the drought-hit area which has no access to water. 

Defiant of the exorbitant lifestyle in Bengaluru while governing and the amenities set up in drought-stricken villages during his 'village stay', Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy, on Tuesday has said that how he lives is his prerogative adding that he does not need to give any explanation to his BJP counterparts. He also asked why the media was interfering in his personal issues, as he had not billed any expenditure to the government.

"Have I given any expenditure bill to the government? That is my personal issue. Why are there questions about my personal activities? I am not interested to get a certificate from BJP friends. I will work according to my conscience." he said, addressing reporters.

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