WATCH: 'Kamal Nath wants Ali But for Us Bajrangbali is Enough', Yogi Adityanath's Response To Congress Muslim Video  


The statement from Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister comes after a highly controversial video of the senior Congress leader surfaced.

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Few days after Republic TV accessed the full video of the 'behind-closed-door-meeting' in which Congress' Kamal Nath was resolving to use the Muslim card in the upcoming assembly polls, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister has responded to the video. While addressing the crowd on Saturday, Yogi Adityanath said:

"Kamal Nath ji ka ek bayaan mai padh raha tha, unhone kaha ki hamein SC/ST ka vote nahi chahiye, Congress ko keval muslimo ka vote chahiye. Kamal Nath ji aap ko yeh Ali mubarak, hamare liye Bajrangbali paryaapt honge (I was reading one of the statements by Kamal Nath Ji and he had said that Congress does not want the SC/ST votes, they only want Muslim votes. Kamal Nath Ji wants Ali but for us Bajrangbali is enough)."

The statement from Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister comes after a highly controversial video of the senior Congress leader surfaced. In the video, Kamal Nath asserted that 'only the Muslim votes can make the Congress party win'.

Watch the full video here

"If we did not get 90% votes of the Muslim community then we will face a huge loss. We have the numbers. You know where the Muslims votes. You have to take care where those votes were cast. If we have received fewer votes then what are the reasons behind it. You have to postmortem the reasons behind it," Kamal Nath can be heard saying in the clip.

Furthermore, in the video, Kamal Nath makes an impassioned case for the Muslim leaders in the room to find out why members of the Muslim community didn't come out to vote in sufficient numbers in the last Assembly elections, which he attributes to the Congress' loss. He says that the party has done a deep analysis of the numbers, and implores the leaders to find out whether the problem was that they didn't go bring members of the Muslim community to come and cast their vote.

He declares that even 80% of the Muslim vote would be insufficient for the Congress and that only 90% of the votes will save them, and to enable this, the leaders should do everything they can, go polling station to polling station, to find the voters. He adds that all this should be done before the election code of conduct comes into force.

While addressing the gathering in the meeting, the senior Congress leader also made statements threatening the Hindus and RSS.

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