WATCH: "Modi Hatao, BJP Hatao," Chanted West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee Leading The United India Rally In Kolkata

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • CM Mamata Banerjee got together over 22 national and regional parties to rally against the Modi-government
  • She accused the PM of Karnataka crisis, inducing communal riots, destroying CBI and media.

The TMC supremo, Mamata Banerjee became the flag-bearer of a politically historic moment of gathering over 22 national and regional parties in a motivated alliance. Founded on a concerted sentiment of standing against the Modi-government, the Maha rally on Saturday unfolded at Brigade Parade grounds, in Kolkata.

She repeatedly chanted the slogan, "Modi Hatao!" and noted that this alliance vows to work against the Modi government, who have reached the peak of its 'expiry date'

She said, "Modi government's expiry date is over now. I promise we will work together and we will not let them rule again. Modi is saying that he is the only saint and rest all are corrupt, but under his government, many scandals have happened."

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The Chief Minister of West Bengal through her address, made an array of accusations on the Prime Minister, she said: 

Money and Power

"BJP party office has turned into a shopping mall. How did they get so much money to make that sort of a party office? They (BJP) are threatening us, we are not afraid, we will give a befitted reply. Everything is changeable, then why not BJP. This government will also change. BJP is showing money, power but everyone is not disloyal and saleable." 

Karnataka crisis: 

"We have seen what happened in Karnataka, how desperate Modi government was to derail Karnataka government." 

Quota Bill

"When they fail to provide jobs, then they came with reservation scheme. Everyone needs to come together, seats are not important, the country is important." 


"They are creating riots in our country, trying to divide Hindu-Muslim.They want riots in Bengal, they want to do Rath Yatra, I will not allow this Rath Yatra, I won't let riots happen in Bengal."

BJP leadership

"BJP is leaderless now because they only have one President and one Prime Minister. They disrespect Advani, Rajnath, Sushma, Gadkari, Murli Manohar. They disrespected their own leaders."

Independent Institutions

"CBI officers are not bad, but this government ruined CBI. They are doing politics even with security forces."


"They are using media, they are threatening media. Media people please have a hand in your heart and say that they are misusing everything." 

While attacking PM Modi, and his leadership, the TMC leader said that the grand alliance will wait for the parties who did not attend the rally, such as BJD, TRS, Shiv Sena

She said, "We will wait for other parties, we will not fight with them, we will wait for them to come with us."

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