WATCH: PM Modi Mentioned 52 Times By Seniormost Congress Leaders At Jan Aakosh Rally As Rahul Gandhi Declares His Party Will Win Every Election

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • The Congress party's seniormost leaders mentioned PM Modi 52 times in their various attacks at the Jan Aakrosh Rally
  • Sonia Gandhi said that the country is going through a difficult time while former PM Manmohan Singh attacked the government over economic matters
  • Rahul Gandhi, meanwhile, mentioned PM Modi 40 times, and declared that the Congress would win every election from now, including the 2019 Lok Sabha elections

Prime Minister Narendra Modi dominated matters at the Congress party's Jan Aakrosh rally (People's Outrage rally) at Delhi's Ramlila Maidan on Sunday as the Rahul Gandhi-led party launched a fierce attack and declared that it would win all elections from now, including the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

In total, the three seniormost Congress leaders, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, former UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and current party president Rahul Gandhi, mentioned PM Modi 52 times in 45 minutes of total speech time.

Sonia Gandhi, addressing the massive gathering, said that the roots of corruption have become stronger under the present regime. 

She alleged that the country is going through a difficult time, saying:

"It is saddening to see that our society is suffering from unprecedented violence and hatred today. People from every section of society are suffering. The nation is going through turbulent times under PM Modi. Under the leadership of Congress President Rahul Gandhi, let us all pledge our commitment to the cause of saving our nation from the violent and hateful forces that are destroying India."

She said that institutions were being destroyed and that the media was being muzzled, mentioning PM Modi 7 times in her speech.

Meanwhile, former PM Manmohan Singh attacked the government on economic matters alleging that anti-farmer policies have resulted in unprecedented agrarian distress. He also said that unenployment is on the rise and that students who take up education loans are worried about how they will repay them without jobs. He also spoke about rising fuel prices and on democracy being in danger because Parliament isn't being allowed to function, mentioning PM Modi 5 times in his speech.

The most attacking speech, however, was made by Congress president Rahul Gandhi who declared that the party would win every election from now on and also emerge victorious in 2019.

Rahul Gandhi said that he had spoken with many people in the country and they all gave him a resounding 'NO' when asked whether they were happy witht he Modi government.

"When PM Modi speaks, people have to search hard for shreds of truth within his speeches", he said, "adding that under the current regime, for the first time, Supreme Court judges have had to reach out to people for justice."

"The RSS is slowly taking over our democratic institutions and destroying them from within while PM Modi watches silently."

On farmers' issues, Rahul Gandhi said that he had personally asked PM Modi to waive farm loans but he refused and said that loan-waivers weren't their policy. "Only the Congress Party can support the farmers of India and protect their interests", Rahul Gandhi declared. 

He also alleged that atrocities against Dalits and women had increased under the BJP government.

The Congress president also spoke about China, which he routinely does in the context of how many jobs India's giant neighbour produces, but on this occasion, his attack was over the Doklam standoff. 

"The Chinese are aggressively pursuing militarisation in Doklam. Despite this, all that PM Modi does is hold a "no-agenda" meeting with the Chinese President", Gandhi said about the PM's visit to Wuhan from which he returned on Saturday.

He also accused the BJP of not respecting its own elders, saying:

"I respect differences of opinion and will protect any dissenters. However, the BJP neither appreciates different opinions nor does it respect its own elders."

In total, Rahul Gandhi mentioned the Prime Minister 40 times in his speech.

What what Rahul Gandhi had to say in the video above.