WATCH: PM Modi Speaks On CBI Tumult, Says He Could Have Also Blocked The Agency When He Was Gujarat CM

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • PM Modi has spoken about states blocking the CBI's entry following the ongoing tumult in the agency
  • He has referred to a 12-year period when the Congress deployed all its influence to send him to jail
  • He said that he too could have blocked the CBI but didn't because of his belief in the law and the Constitution

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke in reference to the recent tumult at the CBI on Saturday, while addressing the BJP's National Council meet at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi.

His specific point was in reference to the state governments of Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and now Chhattisgarh -- each run by opposition parties -- effectively blocking the CBI's entry by withdrawing the 'General consent' given to the members of the Delhi Special Police Establishment to exercise its powers and jurisdiction in the state, despite the CBI having a national mandate. This step was taken following the heavy politicisation of the matter of the CBI's No 1 and No 2 Alok Verma and Rakesh Asthana being sent on leave after levelling allegations of corruption against each other.

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PM Modi said, "you may have heard these three states have blocked the CBI. I bring this up so that you can understand the difference. Their submission is that CBI officers can't enter these states. Why? What are they afraid of? What antics have they done that they are so sleepless over this?"

He went on to present his own case: "When I was Gujarat CM, for 12 years straight, the Congress, its friends, the system that works at its beckon-call, the netas and officers that works via its remote control, its sultanate... used every opportunity possible to harass me. They didn't spare a single chance. Not one of their agencies didn't trouble in", in reference to the 2002 Gujarat riots. 

"In 2007, a big Congress politician who considers himself very learned and was a minister (a reference to P Chidambaram), came to Gujarat, and said that Modi would go to jail soon. The Congress netas used to joke that I should prepare to go to jail, so the jail should be cleaned up for the CM", he elucidated.

Coming swiftly to the Sohrabuddin Shaikh fake encounter case, he referred to the recent Special CBI court verdict acquitting all accused persons, stating, "it proves the way the UPA government had a single agenda to get Modi in trouble and they had even sent Amit Shah to jail. Still, we never made any rule to stop the CBI or any other agency from entering Gujarat. We also had a mandate, we also knew the law, we could have also done it. But we are people who believe the law and the truth".

He contrasted this with his opponents, saying, "On the other side are these people who are afraid their black work will come to light. And so they're attacking the country's institutions. What are they afraid of? At least put faith in the courts. Today, they don't accept the CBI, tomorrow it'll be some other one. Army, Police, Supreme Court, Election Commission, CAG - all wrong? Only they are correct? Can we leave the country to them?"

"Whatever goes against their Sultanate, they oppose, whereas we have belief in our Constitution. This fight is between the Sultanate and the Constitution."