WATCH: Rahul Gandhi Addresses Congress Workers In Amethi, Says 'it Is Fun And Easy To Be In Opposition'

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:


  • Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday visited his former Lok Sabha constituency Amethi following the 2019 polls debacle
  • Addressing the Congress workers, Gandhi said that it is fun and easy to be in Opposition

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday is on a visit to his former constituency UP's Amethi, weeks after the massive debacle in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections at the hands of BJP's Smriti Irani. 

In a video that has surfaced from his address to the Congress workers in Amethi, Rahul Gandhi can be heard saying that it is "fun" and "easy" to be in the Opposition. Addressing the Congress workers in Amethi, Rahul Gandhi, who recently resigned from the post of Congress Chief taking responsibility for the party's defeat in the 2019 General Elections, also spoke about the conditions of economy and employment in the constituency. Notably, Gandhi was the MP from Amethi for three-terms before losing the seat to Smriti Irani in the 2019 polls.

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Asking the Congress workers to work for the people of Amethi even after being in Opposition, Rahul Gandhi added that he will now work for the development of Kerala's Wayanad from where he got elected as the MP in the recently-concluded elections. 

"Narendra Modi is Prime Minister, Yogi ji is Chief Minister and the MP is of the BJP here.  We have to work here as Opposition. You know it is the most fun while working in Opposition. It is quite easy. Now you have to work in Opposition in Amethi. You have to work for the people. You know the economical condition here. You know the condition of employment here. You know who is carrying out corruption activities. There is no dearth of issues. Our workers need to connect with the people of Amethi. I will keep visiting here. I have a responsibility there. I have to develop Wayanad. I am an MP from Wayanad. But I will keep visiting here," Gandhi said.

Watch the video above.

Taking to Twitter, the ex-MP from Amethi posted pictures of his visit to the constituency and said that coming to Amethi is like coming home. 

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