WATCH: Rahul Gandhi Gets Factually Creative While Attacking Government Over Origins Of World-famous Companies


Congress president Rahul Gandhi made a number of factually creative statements while addressing an 'OBC sammelan' event at New Delhi's Talkatora stadium on Monday.

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Congress president Rahul Gandhi made a number of factually creative statements while addressing an 'OBC sammelan' event at New Delhi's Talkatora stadium on Monday.

Towards the middle of his speech, while attacking the government on support for businesses and on employment, Rahul Gandhi said the following:

"Have you heard of Coca-Cola? Is there anyone who hasn't heard of it? Now tell me who started it. Who was it? Does anyone know? I will tell you. The person who started Coca-Cola was a Shikanji-seller in the US. He used to sell Shikanji in the US. He used to mix sugar in water. His experience and effort were respected. He was given money and the Coca-Cola company started.

You must have heard of McDonald's. You see it everywhere. Who started it? Can someone tell me? He used to run a dhaba. A dhaba! You show me that Dhaba-wala in India who started Coca-Cola? Where is he?

Have you heard of Ford, Honda or Mercedes? Who started them? It was a mechanic. Ford - a mechanic. Honda - a mechanic. You show me that Indian company that a mechanic has started.

It's not that our people don't have an understanding. It's not that our dhaba-wallas don't have strength or intelligence. It's not that Indian mechanics don't have the potential that the ones at Ford or Mercedes had. It is that if banks' doors have opened for Ford and Mercedes, and for those who started McDonald's... then for our mechanics, dhaba-wallas, dhobis... our banks' and politics' doors are closed.

Meaning, the person who runs a dhaba or works as a mechanic or makes matkas, whom we call karigar... they get nothing from the country. And then it says 'there is no employment.' Modiji says there is a lack of skills and information in the country. This is a lie! There is no lack of skills in India. There is no shortage of skills in OBC world. Wherever you look, there are skills."

Here's a brief on how each of the founders who Rahul Gandhi spoke about actually launched their now multi-billion dollar businesses:

McDonald's was started by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald who first opened a hot dog stand at local racetrack, then a bigger hot dog stand at San Bernardino. After being denied credit by several banks, the Bank of America finallyt cleared $5,000 in capital for them in 1940.

Coca-Cola, meanwhile, was started by American Civil War veteran and pharmacist John Pemberton who was searching for a substitute to morphine which he had become addicted to after being wounded. Pemberton attributed a number of therapeutic benefits to the beverage he had invented. Verging on bankruptcy, he sold the rights to his formula to business partners before his death.

The first avatar of the Ford Motor Company, meanwhile, was started by Henry Ford in 1901 with him as chief engineer. By this time, he had been an engineer for a decade and had built and improved a number of what weren't yet known then as cars.

The founder of Honda, Sochiro Honda, served as an apprentice at a garage and was a car mechanic for six years before founding his own auto-repair business in 1928 at the ate of 22. It would be almost two decades, however, before he would start the motorcycle maker we know as Honda.

Karl Benz, who can be said to be the founder of Mercedes-Benz, meanwhile, managed to secure, with his mother's help, a good education as a Mechanical Engineer and worked at a number of companies and various positions, before becoming a pioneer of two-stroke engines in 1878. 

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