WATCH: Ram Jethmalani Calls Rahul Gandhi A Small And Unqualified Person; Backs CJI Impeachment Motion's Rejection

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  • Eminent jurist Ram Jethmalani has thrown his weight behind the Vice President rejecting the Opposition parties' impeachment motion against the CJI
  • Jethmalani has called Rahul Gandhi 'too small a person' to comment on these events and asked for what he says to be ignored
  • 'What has the CJI done', the former Law Minister has asked, slamming the CJI's accusers

Former two-time Union Law and Justice minister Ram Jethmalani has backed the Vice President of India rejecting the Opposition's impeachment motion against the Chief Justice of India, saying that there are even stronger reasons why it should have been rejected.

"See how much time they must have wasted doing investigation against the CJI for things that happened years before he came to the position", Jethmalani said, asking, "What has the Chief Justice done?"

The nonagenarian jurist then hit out at Rahul Gandhi's #SaveTheConstitution rally and ensuing attempts where the Congress president alleged that institutions such as the Supreme Court were being trampled: 

"He's too small a person to comment on these big events in our history and you should ignore anything he says. He's just not qualified to make any of these comments."

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On statements by lawyer-politicians saying that they'll boycott the CJI, Jethmalani demanded that the accusers prove their charges against the CJI. 

"They've found some events before he became a judge."

On being asked whether the impeachment controversy would put pressure on the CJI with regards to the critical Ayodhya verdict, Jethmalani hit out against the CJI's accusers:

"Just because he's human, some inhuman people who have their personal axe to grind will get at him and unnecessarily ruin his reputation for nothing?" 

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Earlier in the day, the Vice President had rejected the Opposition parties' impeachment motion against CJI Dipak Misra, holding that the motion doesn't deserve to be admitted and that MPs who presented the petition are unsure of their case.

“MPs who presented petition are unsure of their case...Phrases used by MPs indicate mere suspicion, conjecture or assumption...Does not constitute proof beyond reasonable doubt.”

The Opposition parties had filed their impeachment motion allegedly containing 64 MPs' signatures and the support of 7 parties citing 5 charges against the CJI which they claimed comprised 'misbehaviour'.

Here is the Vice President's full rejection order.


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