WATCH: Reaching Congress HQ In Minutes, Christian Michel's Lawyer Aljo K Joseph Had This To Say After The Hearing

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Aljo K Joseph, lawyer for AgustaWestland middleman Christian Michel, has responded over the controversy created by the BJP highlighting that he is the legal head of the Youth Congress.

Heading to the AICC headquarters immediately after Christian Michel was remanded to 5-days CBI custody, Joseph said, "I'm an actively practicing advocate. I appeared for him (Christian Michel) in my professional capacity. If somebody asks me to appear on behalf of a client...I've only discharged my duty as a lawyer. It has nothing to do with Congress."

"My relation with Congress is separate, my profession is separate. One of my friends, who was having some Dubai connections, through him the lawyer in Italy had requested it. So I was just helping in appearing & assisting him in this matter."

Following that, he confirmed his position in the Youth Congress, and when asked to speak about the fact that the primary allegations in the AgustaWestland case relate to the UPA governments, Joseph declined to comment further saying, "I don't have instructions to say anything. Even from my client I don't have instruction to comment."

Watch what Joseph said at the AICC HQ after the Patiala House court hearing in the video above.

CONTROVERSY: Christian Michel's Lawyer Is Congress Youth Wing Legal Head, Cites BJP As Agusta Middleman Is Sent To 5-days CBI Custody

Following sensational and quickfire developments over 24 hours, Michel, a British citizen, was extradited to India from Dubai, spent the night at the CBI's headquarters, was taken to Patiala House Court amid massive security, and was remanded to 5 days CBI custody. 

In the hearing, the CBI stated to the judge that it wanted 14 days custody of Michel in order to unravel a conspiracy around transactions amounting to 37 million euros, equivalent to about Rs 300 crore, and ascertain who were involved. Michel, an AgustaWestland middleman, allegedly has details of the money trail relating to India's deal to procure helicopters for use by VVIPs during the UPA governments, in which senior bureaucrats and potentially politicians, received kickbacks.