WATCH: RSS 15 Point Letter Rips Into The Claims Made By The Archbishop

Written By Suhas Yellapantula | Mumbai | Published:

The RSS today issued a 15 point long scathing letter to the Archbishop of  Gandhinagar asking him to come clean on the allegations he has made against the RS- BJP by calling them "nationalist forces" which must be prevented from taking control of the country since they perpetrate atrocities against the minorities in India". The letter has been issued today and demands that the Archbishop presents data to corroborate the charges he has levelled against a particular political outfit just days before Gujarat goes to polls. 

The RSS letter put forth by Vinay Joshi tears into the Catholic leader's claims and instead states that the religious head has decided to ignore or forget the various cases of malpractices registered against the Catholic Church in India. 

" Right now we are not leveling any accusations against him, we are simply putting forth questions with the hope that he answers them with evidence to prove his stance that he has made against us. In his attempt to polarise the voters the Archbishop has used his office to try to influence the voters. If he decides to ignore the letter then we will level accusations against him of misusing his religious powers and office to influence the Gujarat elections." 

The letter goes on to ask the Archbishop if he plans on running a Catholic political party in the country. Taking a swipe at the timing of the letter which was issued on 21st November, Vinay pointed out that there are reports that days before the letter was released, there was a secret meeting at the office of the archbishop attended by diplomats from the European Union and leaders of Congress from both Gujarat and Delhi. 

" Was he colluding with them to turn the course of the elections? why was the meeting held and with what intentions?"