WATCH | 'Spirit Of The Nation Was Crushed On June 25': PM Modi Reminds Congress Of Emergency, Adds 'those Who Perpetuated It Must Remember This Stain Is Permanent'


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday gave his reply to President's Motion of thanks in the Lok Sabha.

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Updated On:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday gave his reply to President's Motion of thanks in the Lok Sabha. Earlier, in a surprise move, BJP leader and Union minister Pratap Chandra Sarangi was fielded by PM Modi to open the debate in the Lok Sabha on the motion of thanks to President’s address to the joint session last week. Opening the debate, Sarangi had said that Narendra Modi came out unscathed from opposition’s false propaganda in the Lok Sabha elections 2019.

Slamming the Congress party on the Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi on June 25, 1975, Prime Minister said: 

"Yesterday you were sloganeering against everybody. Now let me tell you today is June 25. And people don't know what 25 June is. They ask each other what is it.On the night of 25 June, they crushed the soul of the country. In India, democracy has not started from the pages of the Constitution. They locked the great people of the country behind bars. They made the entire nation as a prison. They crushed the media. All this to ensure that someone's power continues."

In an indirect reference to former PM Indira Gandhi who imposed Emergency, PM said: 

"It was the judgement of the Court but that was the example of how courts were being disrespected. Today on June 25, we are dedicating ourselves to the Constitution and asserting that we will remain dedicated to what has been said in the Constitution," he added.

"No one can forget the way they crushed the Constitution. All those who were the part of that sin at that time, they must remember that this stain will never wipe out. We must tell it again and again so that no one ever attempts to go on this road again."

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He then explained that the mention of Emergency is not to criticize anyone but to make people aware of the time of emergency.

"This is not to remind or criticize anyone of anything, it is to make people understand the value of democracy. It is important to make people recall how brutally our Constitution was attacked."

"That time when they had crushed the media, we witnessed the strength of the people. We rose above caste and community. The country gave a verdict after that and voted for democracy and restored democracy. This year also people rose above every malice and gave their mandate for the bright future of the country."

(Aaj 25 June hai. Aur logo ko jaankari bhi nahi hai ki 25 June kya hai. Agal bagal me puchna parta hai. 25 June ki vo raat sanvidhan ko kuchal diya gaya tha. Bharat me loktantra sanvidhan k panno se paida nahi hua. Lok tantra sadiyo se humari aatma hai, us aatma ko kuchal diya, media ko daboch diya gaya tha, desh k mahaparusho ko jail me band kar dia gaya tha. Pure desh ko jail bana diya gaya tha. Aur sirf kisi ki satta chali na jaye isliye. Nyaypalika ka judgment tha, nyaypalika ka nadar kaise hota hai uska vo udharan tah. AAj 25 june koi hum lok tantra k prati humara samarpan bata rahe hain. Hume aur taqat ke sath sanvidhan ki batein batana aur sanvidhan ko kuchalne ka paap karnakoi bhul nahi sakta hai. aur us samay jo jo bhi us paap k bhagi dar hai vo daag kabhi mitne wala nahi. Is daag ko bar bar yaad karna jaruri hai taaki desh me fir se koi is raaste pe jaane ki jarurat na kare. Kisi ko bhala bura kehne ke liye nahi. Lok tantra pe kis tarah prahar hua tha is baat ko batane ke liye. Us samay jab media pe tale lag chuka tha,  jab har kisi ko lagta tha ki abhi jail me band kar denge, us samay mere desh ke logo ki taqat dekhiye, desh ne us samay lok tantra k liye vote kiya tha, lok tantra ko punar sthapit kiya tha, is bar fir ek bar jaati dharm sampradaye se upar uth kar desh ke logo ne matdaan kiya. )

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Earlier in the address, PM Modi spoke about how earlier it was difficult for the common man to avail basic facilities of public toilets and gas connections. He said that the country has come a long way since having to struggle for them to getting it with ease.

"Those who have guided us in public life have always said be it Bapu or Baba Saheb Ambedkar, be it Lohia or Deen Dayal, they all have said that those who have no one has the government. We had adopted the culture after Independence. People have to struggle to get their rights, should common people despite their fight to get their rights? Did he win independence for that? Shouldn't the common man get what he rightfully should avail of? We have believed that this is the way it is," he said.


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