WATCH: The Last 2 Minutes Of PM Modi's Final Address In The 16th Lok Sabha

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

PM Modi delivered perhaps his last speech in Parliament before the 2019 general elections on Wednesday, stating his thanks to a host of persons, ranging from the Speaker, Sumitra Mahajan, to all of the Parliamentarians - including special praise for Mallikarjun Kharge and Mulayam Singh - and the Parliament staff.

In the Lok Sabha, the Prime Minister listed a number of points extolling the significance of the past five years, right from the historic mandate he had received in 2014, to India now knocking on the door to becoming a $5 trillion economy. 

The Prime Minister concluded his speech by talking about all the help and support he had received from all the Parliamentarians in his first term as an MP, and also wished them well for the upcoming elections:

"Amid this laughter, our duties have concluded for the time being. A new MP like me has learnt a lot from you all. With all your help, despite being new Parliamentarian, I was never allowed to experience any shortcomings. With all your help and leadership, I am grateful for the support you have given me in my first innings. I am also especially thankful for Mulayam Singh's praise. Praise from all experienced people is valuable. I once again congratulate you all. I also thank all the staff for taking care of the Parliamentarians. And I wish all the MPs well for the fresh mandate they are about to seek from the public - with thoughts about how we can work once more to keep democracy flourishing. Thank you."

WATCH The Biggest Political Surprise: Mulayam Singh Wants Narendra Modi Back As PM, Praises Him In Lok Sabha

The praise by Mulayam Singh was perhaps the biggest political surprise of the day, as the former Samajwadi Party supremo hailed the governance under the Modi regime and also expressed the hope that Narendra Modi will return as Prime Minister:

"The chair you are sitting on...You have to please every minister in this Parliament. It's very difficult to please and not everyone can be pleased. When he talks, I would only like to say, you have managed the Parliament really well.  I want to congratulate the Prime Minister. Prime Minister, you have worked for everyone. This is absolutely correct, whenever I said anything opposite, you corrected it. I really appreciate and respect you for considering everyone. (inaudible) it's really difficult to please everyone. But still nobody speaks against you or make any comment against you for this I would like to congratulate you. And it is my wish along with the parliament that you should win again. This is my wish. We want you to become the prime minister once again," Mulayam Singh had said.

Watch what PM Modi said in the last two minutes of his speech in the Lok Sabha here.