WATCH: "We Did Not Propose Rahul Gandhi As The PM Candidate, We Had Just Reflected The Mindset Of Tamil Nadu People," Says MK Stalin Taking A U-turn From His Previous Stand

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • MK Stalin said that the scenario is different in different states
  • He further said that the alliance has decide to wait for the election results before deciding upon the PM candidate

TMC supremo, Mamata Banerjee's rally carved a political history by tying 23 national and regional parties into an alliance against the Modi-government in Kolkata on Saturday. Although united with a similar ideology, the alliance chose to remain uncertain on their PM candidate. Amid this political ambiguity, DMK chief MK Stalin was questioned for not reiterating Rahul Gandhi's name for the PM candidate, just like he proposed on December 16, 2018, at the statue unveiling ceremony of DMK Patriarch M Karunanidhi. 

MK Stalin responding to the questions raised at him saying that he reflected the mindset of people and not that of his party. 

He said, "We didn’t propose Rahul Gandhi as the PM candidate, we had just reflected the mindset of the people of Tamil Nadu, who want him to be the PM. The scenario is different in other states, likewise, the situation is different in West Bengal. In West Bengal, they have decided to decide the PM candidate after the election results and that is why I didn’t propose Rahul Gandhi’s name in the West Bengal event"

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He further elucidated that back in December, Rahul Gandhi's name was proposed for the people of Tamil Nadu.

He said, "If I take his (Rahul Gandhi’s) name media is asking why I took his name and when I don’t they question that as well. I proposed his name in the DMK event it is our meeting. We have all rights to say whatever we want, in our meeting. We said it on the behalf of the people of Tamil Nadu. We said that because that is what the people of Tamil Nadu expect. It was Mr Karunanidhi who said Indra Gandhi should be the PM didn’t that happen? Then he proposed Sonia Gandhi for PM. Wasn’t that situation created or not? But it was Sonia Gandhi who proposed Manmohan Singh’s name." 

He said that the situation differs from state to state and that the other states have chosen not to decide on the PM candidate before the results of the election. 

He said, "I who is following the path of Karunanidhi has proposed Rahul Gandhi's name wait and watch if that is going to happen or not. This is our stand. I have said it time and again that the situation varies state to state but other states have decided not to decide on the PM candidate before the election results. Nobody has said that the DMK proposing Rahul Gandhi’s name is wrong even Sarath Pawar has said that Rahul Gandhi is a suitable PM candidate. Even during yesterday’s meeting, no leader ha asked me why did I propose his name.  There are few political parties who are not understanding it and are making big politics out of it.

I am saying it clearly that the present should be changed at any cost."

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