Where Is Sunanda's Post-mortem Videography?



Written By Annanya Johari | Mumbai | Updated On:
Sunanda Pushkar (Source: PTI)

In a massive Super Exclusive, Republic TV puts the focus back on how not only was there a botch-up in the Sunanda Pushkar murder probe, but also an attempt to present false evidence and mislead the investigating authorities in the case. The case has been pursued by Republic TV with a series of stings and exposes. Republic TV had exposed 19 tapes which revealed discrepancies in versions put out by Shashi Tharoor and his man-Friday Narain.

Those tapes showed how the Delhi police had been misled by Shashi Tharoor's man-Friday who remains untraceable.

In the latest exclusive, Republic TV reveals a conversation between the Delhi Police officials and the main man who conducted the autopsy on Sunanda Pushkar. There are two separate conversations. A sting was also conducted  — as a compulsion, and not as a matter of choice — on a Delhi Police official to find if the versions match that of the postmortem of Sunanda Pushkar.

There is a massive question mark over where the videography of the autopsy on Sunanda Pushkar's body has gone and whether it was concealed or ignored or disregarded.

The Delhi Police had carried out the videography of Sunanda's body themselves and thus had access to the video with evidence of injury marks, the injection marks, the bite marks and the bruises. But why would they pretend to not have it? The postmortem report accessed by Republic TV clearly mentions on page 3 that the videography on Sunanda's body had been done by the police themselves and it is in their custody.

If influence was used by the Delhi Police to botch up the case, the nation deserves a reply.

The missing videography, and how it has been underplayed, is another important part of Republic TV’s non-stop investigation into the Sunanda Pushkar murder case.

Here's the transcript of the entire conversation

TAPE 1: Conversation between Delhi Police official Atul Sood and Sudhir Gupta, HoD Forensic Medicine 

Sudhir Gupta – Yes?
SHO – Hello, how are you?
Sudhir Gupta – Yes, I’m fine
SHO – Sir, I wanted to ask you something. When Sunanda’s post-mortem happened, you had given a CD to the SDM, where did the photographer come from?
Sudhir Gupta – That was my photographer
SHO – Ok, so he was your photographer?
Sudhir Gupta – Yes, yes, AIIMS person
SHO – Ok. You are talking about the one who did the photos that were given to the SDM?
Sudhir Gupta – Even you people had requested for it.
SHO – Sir, there were 2 people, one was our crime photographer and the second person was from the hospital’s side.
Sudhir Gupta – Yes, yes
SHO – The hospital photographer, he was an AIIMS employee?
Sudhir Gupta – Yes, he is an employee of AIIMS communication department.
SHO – What was his name sir?
Sudhir Gupta – Pankaj Sharma
SHO – Pankaj Sharma, are you sure sir?
Sudhir Gupta – Yes, yes, yes
TAPE 2: Conversation between Delhi Police official Atul Sood  and Sudhir Gupta, HoD Forensic Medicine

Sudhir Gupta – Hello
SHO Atul Sood – Hello Sir, Atul Speaking
Sudhir Gupta – yes Atul saab, tell me
SHO – Sir does your photographer do video and still photography or does he do only still photography?
Sudhir Gupta – Actually our photographer does small scale work
SHO – Meaning, he does only still photography?
Sudhir Gupta – It means that we use him for academic purposes, for medico-legal purpose we have your cameraperson
SHO – Yes sir
Sudhir Gupta - camera person is a very small scale person
SHO – Ok sir
Sudhir Gupta – He has done some stills and some video also (Sunanda case)
SHO – Yes sir?
Sudhir Gupta – we have (inaudible) locked it and kept  
SHO – SDM has given me only stills. I wanted to ask you if you have done video?
Sudhir Gupta – Through our cameraperson?
SHO – Yes sir
Sudhir Gupta – Yes yes, we have done video and still both
SHO – You have done video and still both?
Sudhir Gupta – Yes, yes
SHO – (doesn’t talk – silence)
Sudhir Gupta – Atul Saab, tell me, what is the issue?
SHO – No no Sir, they were asking me if there is a video, I was only checking that I was checking the CD and …
Sudhir Gupta – I’m sure you will also have video and still, both
SHO – No, SDM has given me only still
Sudhir Gupta – Only still has been given?
SHO – Yes sir
Sudhir Gupta – Then you take the video from me
SHO – Ok sir
Sudhir Gupta – If you need it take it from me
SHO – Ok sir, thank you

TAPE 3: VKPS Yadav Sting

Shwetha - Sir, who did the post mortem videography?
VKPS Yadav - Post mortem videography was done by the doctor
Shwetha - Was it not with the police? The video?
VKPS Yadav - No, no, the doctor only does it 
Shwetha - Doctor does it?
VKPS Yadav - Yes
Shwetha - Police doesn’t do it?
VKPS Yadav - No
Shwetha - In case I have to collect it then?
VKPS Yadav - Collect it from the doctor, Sudhir Gupta 
Shwetha - Ok, but I thought, post mortem video was done by…
VKPS Yadav - No, no, doctor only does it
Shwetha - Doctor only does it?
VKPS Yadav - Yes
Shwetha - Ok, then from whom should i collect it?
VKPS Yadav - You should talk to the doctors only


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