Why Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Dhokalam’ Attack Lacks Meat

Written By Saniya Rao | Mumbai | Published:


  • In this newbreak, Republic puts forth a point by point understanding of facts which puts an end to 'Dhokalam'
  • Top sources counter Rahul Gandhi's claim over Doklam.
  • Watch the complete newsbreak in the video above

Over the past few days, the Rahul Gandhi-led Congress party has been resorting to what they claim, ‘Dhokalam’ attacks on their official Twitter handles. Merely a day ago, the official Twitter handle of the INC alleged that China has upped the ante after Doklam. The party further claimed that ‘Chinese deployment in Tibet is increasing at an alarming rate.’

However, in this newsbreak, Republic puts forth a point-by-point understanding on why the basis of Congress’ attack is not just malicious but also completely false.

While the Congress claims that China was building up extensive infrastructure in Doklam, top sources tell Republic TV that the Indian Army has successfully stopped the Chinese from building a critical road.

Furthermore, while the Congress alleged that satellite image revealed that China was building up extensive infrastructure, sources confirm that after hectic diplomatic parleys, both sides decided to disengage.

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Additionally, during this newsbreak, one will understand how while the Rahul Gandhi-led party claimed that the Chinese training and air defence were on highlight near Doklam, it was infact the Indian Army which stepped into a territory on the request of a second country, sources add.

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Watch the complete newsbreak in the video above

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