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Kangana Ranaut At Republic Summit: Didn't Leave Home To Give Hell To Parents, Had A Vision

Kangana Ranaut was one of the star attractions at the Republic Summit. The actor shared that she didn't leave home to give hell to parents and had a vision.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say Kangana Ranaut has often fought a solo battle against the so-called ‘biggies’ of Bollywood, like she did against the system of nepotism. However, it was not just after her venture into the Hindi film industry, even before that, the actor has always been someone who has defied the ‘norms’. When her parents asked her to take up medicine, a teenaged Kangana had already decided to do what she loved. She left her home to pursue a career in showbiz, upsetting her parents. As the actor gears up for her upcoming film Panga, one can say without a doubt that she has never been afraid to take 'Panga' with people. However, the Queen star terms this nature of hers as ‘constructive anger’, that gave her a ‘vision’ and an urge to excel, and take on the set norms.  

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Kangana at Republic Summit

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Kangana Ranaut was involved in an energetic discusssion with Roshan Abbas as she attended the Republic Summit in Delhi on the second and concluding day. When asked which were the things she liked to take ‘Panga’ with and what she’d like to change, the actor responded, “My anger is a very constructive anger. Every time I've gotten angry in life, it has been for a reason to construct, to do better or to excel or for my team to excel. Like I said, when I left home, I did not leave because I just want to give my parents hell. I had a vision, I had a plan, so it’s been a very constructive emotion. I would like to go against practices which are pulling people down, which are not productive.” 

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