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PM Modi: 'When Nation Is Put First, Our Efforts To Fulfil Aspirations Are Also Effective'

PM Narendra Modi spoke about the aspirations of the Indian population and remarked that the responsibility towards our nation gives the country a new energy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Tuesday, November 26, spoke about the aspirations of the Indian population and remarked that the responsibility towards our nation gives the country new energy as he delivered the keynote address at the Republic Summit 2019. In his address, PM Modi reflected upon leading India towards a bright future as he highlighted the efforts taken by the Central government like infusion of ₹25,000 crore in the real estate sector and providing over 50 lakh people of Delhi with proper housing facilities. PM Modi also added that the country had witnessed a transformation in the last 5 years and spoke about the change in the mindset of the Indian population. 

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'India's Moment, Nation First'

PM Narendra Modi while delivering the keynote address at the Republic Summit 2019 said, "It is the feeling of responsibility towards our nation that is giving India a new energy and that is why the theme of this summit, 'India's Moment, Nation first' reflects the emotion and the aspiration of the country today. The way we have worked while keeping the feeling of 'Nation first' intact and how much has it resonated with the people of India has been reflected through the results of the Lok Sabha Elections, earlier this year". 

He further added, "With this mandate, the people of India have voiced their opinion that the government should work towards fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of the population. What are these aspirations? These aspirations are of helping the country get rid of ancient problems that it still faces. When the nation is put first then our determination is high and the efforts to fulfil the aspirations are also effective."  

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The PM remarked, “In the last 5 years, our country has seen this transformation. Earlier, 5-6 years ago there would only be questions in the mind of people and the media. It felt as if a recorded bulletin is being played. And some things would continue to get repeated. There would be discussions about the scams worth thousands of crores, then there would be more news about scams worth lakhs of crores the next week. Sometimes there would be allegations of corruption, bomb blasts in Mumbai, Delhi, and Jaipur, sometimes blockade in the Northeast, sometimes soaring price rise, the country has now progressed way ahead".

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He further added, “Ahead of challenges, there is a discussion about solutions. The country is witnessing the decades-long disputes being solved. Sometimes, people express that they did not believe that they would be able to witness something like this in their lifetime. Many people say this. There are two main reasons for this. The confidence of India’s 130 crore people which says that- Yes, it is India’s moment. And second, the mindset of the 130 crore Indian people which says- Nation First.”

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