Union Budget 2019

WATCH: "Budget Met The Expectations Of Farmers, Workers And Middle Class," Says BJP Chief Amit Shah Hailing The Interim Budget 2019

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:

Union Minister Piyush Goyal announced a number of pro-people schemes in a combative interim budget speech on Friday. Welcoming the election year budget, BJP president Amit Shah condenses the that 'meets the expectation of farmers, labours and the middle class"​

Here is what the BJP president had to say about the Budget 2019: 


By bearing a cost of Rs 75,000 crore, the government will implement Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme. This scheme will also benefit those farmers who do not take loans.

The budget is to give relief for each and every class, for the middle class, for the farmer and for all. 12 crore farmer will receive an amount of Rs 6000/ per year as it will incur Rs 75000 crore on the exchequer. Farmer having farmer credit card will get 5% rebate on paying the amount in time.

This scheme will benefit every year to farmers. It'll help poor farmers to initiate farming. The decision will prove to be a milestone in the effort to multiply the income by the farmer, I congratulate the Prime Minister Shri Ji's heart on behalf of the BJP's millions of workers

2% in interest given in farmer credit, 3% discount on repaying the loan from rebates and time to the farmers the decision to exempt in interest up too 5% will give farmers great relief.

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Animal Husbandry and Fishery sector

Along with that, making the Kamadhenu Promotion Commission, the Prime Minister has taken a huge step towards the enrichment of cows. According to the guidelines of our Constitution, cow protection is significantly mentioned. To protect the breed of cows, to build gaushalas and to fulfil the objectives of many cow enrichments. In our culture, be it Bapu or Vinoba Bhave, they have all accepted the significance of cows in our life. 

For the welfare of the Machuvara community that contributes invaluably to the country's GDP. BJP has decided to create a separate department of fisheries.


The plan to extend the monthly pension of Rs.3000 to Rs. 10 crore poor workers after the age of 60 years have been taken by the Modi government which I express their gratitude. People driving small autos, or a shop, the people who work on small-scale, this pension will support them in old age. 


The decision to convert 1 lakh villages to digital will improve jobs and reduce the urban-rural gap. It will benefit the health and education of villages and will help to make the village self-sufficient. 


Ever since independence, the security of the country neglected over the years has always been the priority of Modi government. The Modi government has extended the morale of our troops and the country's value from its every decision. Today Modi has been thanking the defence budget by his heart for making the most of the Rs 3 lakh crore.

North-east India development

The Modi government has been prioritising the development of northeast from its first day. All the states of the northeast have been brought on the rail-map and airports.

In this budget, PM Modi, who increased the North East's development budget by 21% to 58 thousand crores. The decision has encouraged the development of the northeast. 

Women empowerment

Ujjwal Yojana has benefitted 6 crore poor women, their kitchen and their homes.  8 crores of free LPG connections will be provided to ensure the health of the women in the country.

Tax relief

By completely exempting an annual income of up to Rs. five lakhs, Narendra Modi Ji has given great relief to the country's middle class.

This is a big decision in the link of the various indirect and direct efforts being made in the interest of the middle-class. I believe, PM Modi has gone beyond the expectations of the middle-class. 

This decision will not only relieve the middle-class tax but also increase participation in the development of their country.

Even after all this, the government has been able to reduce the fiscal deficit to 3.4%. 

This budget is inclusive, this budget will accelerate the pace of development, this budget is to encourage. 

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