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Doctors Of India | The Story Of Dr. KC Mehta, A Notable Surgeon, Who Is Known For His Positive Spirit

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

“I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures (that) required, avoiding those twin traps of overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism” - an excerpt of the Hippocratic Oath (modern version) taken by doctors. 

Republic TV with Apollo Hospitals commemorates the spirit of doctors who stand true to the oath.

Doctors of India, is a one of its kind series to celebrate the community that works day and night towards making a world, a healthy place. 

This episode of Doctors of India talks about Dr. KC Mehta who is known for his positive spirit and confidence. 

Dr. KC Mehta is a notable surgeon, who specializes in total knee replacement, unicompartmental knee replacement, knee arthroscopy, autologous cartilage cell implantation. Dr. Mehta holds a world record for having performed the highest number of cruciate retaining knee replacement surgeries in a day. He is also known for his contributions in academics as he has numerous research publications to his name. 

According to Dr. Mehta, the major issues in healthcare is the patient’s fear and financial insecurity. Finance is taken care of by the government through health schemes. The cost of knee surgeries has reduced a lot. The patient is however still scared of opting for surgeries, especially if it involves replacing a body part. He has designed high functional knees for his patients to overcome the fear of having to use an artificial knee. Dr. Mehta states that this has not only helped in reinstating people’s faith in the profession but also brought a change in people’s attitude towards surgery. 

“7 out of 10 will have tears in their eyes, they are emotional, they are so happy. Emotionally they get so carried away and they thank me, pat my back. We don’t treat them as patients, we treat them as family.”- Dr. KC Mehta, Consultant Knee Surgeon, Apollo Hospitals Ahmedabad

In recent years, the faith in doctors and medical practitioners has been wavering. There have been quite a few cases of mob attacks on hospitals and doctors. The corruption that has gripped the noble profession is undeniable. However, it can be said without an ounce of doubt that there are doctors who prioritize the profession and its demands. There are innumerable doctors who go all the way to ensure that a patient walks back home - healthy and happy.

Watch to know more about the doctors who are working to make the world a healthier place.