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How Affordable Are Healthcare Facilities In Our Country?

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

When you fall sick, you go to a doctor for diagnosis and then later go to a pharmacy to buy medicines. Right from going to the doctor to buying the medicines, you are paying the money from your own pocket, which is called public spending and the solution to this problem is PPP (Public- Private Partnership). Does every country pay money from their own pocket to avail basic health facilities? In U.K, the government bears 80% of the total cost and rest 20% is public spending. Whereas, in India, the system is hybrid and is a mix of private insurance and government-funded schemes.

“For example, in UK, it is completely government funded, nobody pays anything for healthcare, whereas, in the US it is completely based on private insurance. In India we have a little bit of both. So, with the state government’s scheme funds or the Aysuhman Bharat, it is a hybrid between the two. Where some extra funding provided by the government.” - Dr. MM Yusuf (FRCS (EDIN), FRCS (GLASGOW), FRCS (Cardiothoracic), Apollo Hospital, Chennai)